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100 Days Celebration!


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Dear Havenites,


Welcome to the JangHaven 100 Days Celebration!




The 100 Days also called "Baek-il" in Korea celebrates a baby's first 100 days of life. JangHaven is our baby, and we're happy to celebrate its first hundred days!


The Tradition's Background

The 100 Days celebration is a tradition that started from a grim reality of high infant mortality rates in Korea's past. There are 2 birthdays in a baby's first year of life actually. 100 Days marks the baby's birthyear (approximately) from inception (9 months of pregnancy plus first 100 days outside of the womb), while "Dol" which is 365 days from the date of birth marks the birth year from when a baby is born. In any case, the first 100 days of life was considered crucial to the baby's survival.


However, infant mortality rates have dropped in line with the rest of the developed world, and so the 100 Days Celebration has become another reason and celebration of a baby's life.



Our 100th Day is actually on November 30th. However, we love celebrations so much that we're going to do a week of it!


In celebration, we've prepared some events and threads to celebrate our fabulous members! Follow the links below to check out the various events and features during our event.



Play the Game

There is a new game to see how well you know the other members? There are clues to their identities. And, there are prizes!

Guess the Members Game


A Visual Feast

What would a party be without food? Follow the link to see some of our favorite foods and share some of yours!



Fave Lists

Do you have dramas that you love so much and always recommend to friends? Share up to your top 5 dramas that you would recommend to everybody to watch! They can be k-dramas, c-dramas, or any other dramas, but you have to limit yourself to 5, and you need to give us a short explanation of what makes you recommend those dramas! Follow the link to read and share!

Absolute Favorite Dramas: Top 5


Do you have actors/actresses who you feel always give a great performance or have the knack and good fortune of choosing fabulous projects? Tell us! You have to name your fave actor/actress and include at least 3 projects that they've been in that you're in love with. You can post about multiple actors/actresses, but include at least 3 projects for each one. Follow the link to read and share!

Actors/Actresses Who Can't Miss



We're all fans for k-dramas and c-dramas and love the various traditions that are shown: holidays, festivals, special birthday celebrations, wedding celebrations!  We wanted to explore some of those traditions more. Also, we would like to know about some of your favorite traditions!

Celebration Traditions


Leaving us a word

Let us know what you think so far! What do you like? Don't like? We are working to create a supportive, fun, and interesting community, and we're so happy that you're here.

Sharing Your Thoughts With Us

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28 minutes ago, Thong Thin said:

Any idea how we earned that cute  tiger :lol:


Yes, you posted a nice message for us on one of the two threads that qualified (this thread and the Sharing Your Thoughts thread). The tiger who is a mythical protector in Korean lore is a thank you for sharing your thoughts. We started giving that medal out on November 30, the actual 100th Day or JangHaven.  Thank you!

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As we bring our 100 Day Celebration to a close, I wanted to especially thank some people for their tireless efforts.


Thank you to our fantastic staff, of course. We literally wouldn't be here if it wasn't for the staff being engaged and active in every way, both on JangHaven and on the JangHaven Chat Discord Server.


Thank you to our Graphics Team of @bairama @gm4queen and @Tofu for always coming up with fun and beautiful designs, sometimes with little or no notice, and our Event Organizer @SnowBlob for coming up with new games and events for better engagement with our members.


Thank you to @40somethingahjumma @mademoiselle and @Jane for being so prolific and engaged on JangHaven. I think that you have contributed as much as we staff have in the success of our community thus far.


Thank you to @abs-oluteM for managing our social media outreach as well as starting threads, livecapping dramas, and somehow managing to be on almost every thread on our site!


We have a fantastic community, supported by really fantastic staff, so as we pass one milestone, I'm looking forward to the other milestones in the future! Thanks to all of our members and our staff!

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No problemo dear. I enjoy every moment spent blogging and reviewing dramas.

Presently I'm something of a lady of leisure so it's all good.

A genuine pleasure.

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Currently Watching: Welcome to Samdal-ri, The Hope, Twinkling Watermelon


"Love is not an affectionate feeling but a steady wish for the loved person's good as far as it can be obtained." -- CS Lewis.

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