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100 Days Celebration: The Actors/Actresses Who Can't Miss

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Do you have actors/actresses who you feel always give a great performance? And they have the knack and good fortune of choosing fabulous projects? Tell us!


You have to name your fave actor/actress and include at least 3 projects that they've been in that you're in love with. Whether you choose to elaborate on their projects or not is up to you. You can post about multiple actors/actresses, but include at least 3 projects for each one!

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My picks of actors whose dramas I would watch just because they were in the drama since they are good actors, but have also shown a knack for picking watchable projects.


Lee Jong Seok - School 2013, I Hear Your Voice, W, Romance is a Bonus Book


Park Seo Joon - Witch's Romance, Fight My Way, Midnight Runners, Itaewon Class


Kim Soo Hyun - The Thieves, My Love From Another Star, It's Okay To Not Be Okay


Nam Ji Hyun - What Happens to My Family?, Shopping King Louis, 100 Days My Prince


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Chae Rim - All about Eve, I'm Still Love You, Four Sisters


IU - Dream High, You Are the Best!, Scarlet Moon


Tan SongYun - Go Ahead, Under the Power, Face Off


Song YiRen - Ever Night 1, Professional Single, Times Teaches me to Love


Dilreba - Diamond Lover, Pretty Li HuiZhen, Eternal Love


Nie Yuan - The YunXi Palace, The Listener


WangKai - Hunting, When a Snail Falls in Love


Sandra Ma Si Chun - Age of Legends, Love me if You Dare, Oh My General


Takeru Satoh - Rurouni Kenshin, Rurouni Kenshin: Kyoto Inferno, Rurouni Kenshin: The Legend Ends, Love Last Forever




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Jo Jung Seok - Jealousy Incarnate, Hospital Playlist, Exit


Ji Sung - Familiar Wife, Kill Me Heal Me, Secret, Protect the Boss, The Great Seer


Ma Dong Seok - Bad Guys 1, 38 Task Force, Train to Busan


Ji Jin Hee - I Have a Lover, Designated Survivor, The Great Seer 


Oguri Shun - Crisis, Nobunaga Conerto, Gokusen 1, Ouroboros, Tokyo Dogs, Border


Jang Nara - Go Back Couple, My Love Patzzi, Oh My Baby, Fated to Love You



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10 hours ago, SnowBlob said:


I like how you say this :laugh:...this is going to be hard for me since I have 1001 oppas...but since the condition is that it must also be good projects that I would recommend all to watch


K actors...

1. Jung Kyung Ho - Life on Mars, Prison Playbook, Hospital Playlist, Heartless City

( for me JKH is the top of the list as these dramas are my favourites and really worth watching especially Life on Mars and Prison Playbook. JKH is fantastic in his delivery)

2. Lee Joon Hyuk - A Poem A Day , 365 Repeat The Year , Stranger/ Secret Forest  ( S1 & S2) , Designated Survivor 60 Days

( The selection here are some very good dramas that showcase how versatile an actor he is. He can play goofy & cute to smarmy & disillusioned!)

3. Kim Ji Suk - My Unfamiliar Family , Top Star Yoo Baek, Children of the 20th Century

( KJS early in his career was well known for playing goofy comical supporting characters. These I have listed here shows you that he can also take on heart fluttery leading man roles!)

4. Lee Je Hoon - Signal , Tomorrow With You,  I Can Speak ( movie)
5.. Shin Min Ah - Tomorrow With You, Chief of Staff S1 and S2 , Oh My Venus

( I love SMA, and just wanted to note that she & LJH had amazing chemistry on Tomorrow With You, a time travel drama with romance. )


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One and only...


Shin Sung Rok - Kairos, Perfume, The Last Empress, Return, Liar Game, You Who Came From A Star and many more.


So versatile, such a great actor and his voice is gold. Severly overlooked in dramaland for years but highly lauded in musical-land. Started his career in 2003 and finally got his 1st drama 1st lead role in 2019. Currently killing it in Kairos! 🥳

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Like @abs-oluteM, I had a really hard time choosing because I enjoy the works of a lot of actors/actresses. Since the criteria is choosing actors/actresses that I would watch just for them without knowing much about the project, it made things a little bit easier. I love all Asian Entertainment, but since I'm more of an avid watcher of Korean Entertainment, I decided to keep my list to Korean actors/actresses. I also included movies as not all the actors/actresses I watch star in dramas and there are some actors/actresses who regularly star in movies that I share the same sentiment about too.  


Park Seo Jun - Itaewon Class, Fight For My Way, Midnight Runners

Lee Je Hoon - Signal, Bleak Night, Tomorrow With You

Nam Ji Hyun - 100 Days My Prince, Shopping King Louis, Suspicious Partner

Lee Joon Gi - Flower of Evil, Lawless Lawyer, Arang and the Magistrate 


Choi Woo Sik - Parasite, Train to Busan, Hogu's Love

Song Kang Ho - A Taxi Driver, Parasite, The Host

Kang Dong Won - The Secret Reunion, My Brilliant Life, Master, 

Gong Yoo - Silenced, Train to Busan, Goblin

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:heiboi: ok here we go




• Kim Nam Gil - One Day, Live Up To Your Name, The Fiery Priest , Trans-Siberian Pathfinders, K-Ocean Pathfinders

• Lee Seo Jin - 3 Meals A Day, Marriage Contract

• Kim Jae Wook - The Guest

• Byung Yohan - Six Flying Dragons, Mr. Sunshine

• Ju Ji Hoon - Kingdom, Hyena, Jirisan

• Lee Joon Gi- Flower of Evil, Lawless Lawyer



• Jun Ji Hyun - Jirisan

• Moon Chae Won - Mama Fairy, Flower of Evil; can not wait for her next project , sageuk hopefully

• Ha Ji Won - Chocolate



(For updating..)



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My top pick is Lee Jong Suk. A friend and I have discussed it before and both agreed it had to be Jong Suk having the biggest knack for choosing projects that constantly received good reviews and ratings (even when it's crap e.g. Dr. Stranger).


Lee Jong Suk - I Hear Your Voice, W, Romance is a Bonus Book, Hymn of Death, While You Were Sleeping, The Face Reader


Kim Soo Hyun - Secretly Greatly, My Love From the Star, It's Okay Not to be Okay, The Thieves.


Gong Yoo - Goblin, The Age of Shadow, Man and Woman, Train to Busan, Silenced


Lee Je Hoon - Signal, Tomorrow with You, Fox Bride Star, I Can Speak


Yang Se Jong - Romantic Doctor S1, Duel, Still 17


Kim So Hyun - I Hear Your Voice, The Page Turner, School 2015: Who Are You, The Tale of Nokdu


Park Seo Joon - She Was Pretty, Itaewon Class, What's Wrong with Secretary Kim, Kill Me Heal Me.

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Jung Kyung-ho -- Prison Playbook, Life on Mars, Hospital Playlist, Falling for Innocence (Beating Again)


Lee Jun-hyuk -- Stranger 1, Stranger 2365: Repeat the Year, A Poem a Day, City Hunter


Jo Jeong-seok -- Jealousy Incarnate, Hospital Playlist, Two Cops, King 2 Hearts, Nokdu Flower


Lee Joon-gi -- Arang and the Magistrate, Moon Lovers, Two Weeks, Flower of Evil, Lawless Lawyer


Namgoong Min -- Doctor Prisoner, Hot Stove League, A Girl Who Sees Smells, Beautiful Gongshim


Jang Hyuk -- Money Flower, Thank You, Tree with Deep Roots, Beautiful Mind, Chuno, Voice


Kim Soo-hyun -- Dream High, You From the Stars, It's Okay not to be Okay, The Thieves


Jang Seung-jo -- Money Flower, Chocolate, The Good Detective

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2 minutes ago, SilverMoonTea said:

Seo Kang Joon 

Are You Human Too?, Cheese on The Trap, The Watcher


Hmm, I'm stuck. I have too many oppas... @abs-oluteM 

I wanted to put BB Cream oppa too but I realise I have so few dramas that I like him in :D

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Mon-Tues: Nothing Uncovered  Wed-Thurs: Blood Free - Fri-Sat:  -  Sat-Sun: Queen of Tears C-drama: - Guess Who I Am, The Legend of ShenLi

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Korean Actors


1. Hyun Bin- My name is Kim Sam soon, Secret Garden, Crash Landing on you


2. Park Bo Gum- Reply 1988, Love in the Moonlight, Encounter


3. Kim Soo Hyun- Dream High, Moon Embracing the Sun, My Love from another Star


4. Lee Jong-suk- I Hear your voice, Pinocchio, Romance is a Bonus Book


5. Cho Seung-woo- Forest of Secrets, The Classic, Horse Doctor


6. Jisung- Protect the Boss, Familiar Wife, The Defendant


7. Kang Dong-won- Vanishing Time, The Priests, My Brilliant Life



Korean Actress


1. Song Hye-kyo- Autumn in my Heart, Full House, Descendants of the Sun


2. Choi Ji-woo- Winter Sonata, Stairway to heaven, Twenty again


3. Son Hye-jin- The Classic, Personal Taste, Crash Landing on You


4. Lee Bo-young- My Daughter Soyoung, I hear your voice, Mother


5. Ha Ji-won- Secret Garden, Daddy Long Legs, King 2 Hearts


6. Park Shin-hye- You're Beautiful, Flower Boy Next Door, Memories of the Alhambra


7. Go Ara- Reply 1994, Ms. Hammurabi, Dodosolsollalasol



Japanese Actors and Actress


1. Hiroshi Abe- Kekkon Dekinai Otoko, Thermae Romae, Shitamachi Rocket


2. Kengo Kora- A Story of Yonosuke, Love that makes you cry, Hospitality Department


3. Haruka Ayase- Hotaru no Hikari, I'm Taking a Day off, The Kodai Family


4. Masami Nagasawa- Proposu Daisakusen, The Lies She loves, Kingdom


5. Shun Oguri- Rich Man Poor Woman, Hana-kimi, Space Brothers


6. Mitsuki Takahata-Kahogo no Kahoko, Evergreen, Destiny: A tale of Kamakura


7. Matsuzaka Tori- Until the Break of Dawn, Warotenka, In this corner of the world

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On 12/5/2020 at 1:40 PM, HerManyShows said:

Deng Lun :love:- Mr. Fighting, My True Friend, Ashes of Love 

I like him so much, I figured out how to put an emoji in my post hahahahahaha 

:1000:!! I support this. For a while his dramas were the only C-Dramas I watched. :laugh:

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Oh I missed this!! I'm going to do it now though even though we've passed 100 days now!


Top 5 Favourite Korean Actors/Actresses


Gong Yoo: Train to Busan, Coffee Prince, The Age of Shadows, Silenced,  Kim Ji-young, Born 1982 (Goblin is the only work I can't stand!)


Ma Dong Seok: Train to Busan, Champion, The Gangster, The Cop & The Devil


Kim Soo hyun: My Love from Another Star, It's Ok to Not be Ok, Secretly Greatly


Park Eun Bin: Hello my Twenties 1 & 2 , Do You Like Brahms?, Hot Stove League


Park Bo Young: Strong Woman Do Bong Soon, A Werewolf Boy, Oh my Ghost



Top 5 Taiwanese Actors/ Actresses 


Jasper Liu (of course): Pleasantly Surprised, My Goddess, Triad Princess, Take me to the moon, When I see You Again


Joseph Chang: The Victim's Game, Love You, Nowhere Man


Annie Chen: Rock Records in Love, My Goddess, Love Now


Puff Kuo: Rock Records in Love, Pleasantly Surprised, Before We Get Married


Ivy Shao: Back to 1989, When I See You Again, The Devil Punisher


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