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Jirisan 지리산 [2021]


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3rd Place Winner - JangHaven's 2021 Most Anticipated Drama




(aka Mt. Jiri, Cliffhanger)


Director: Lee Eung Bok

Writer: Kim Eun Hee


Broadcast: tVN, iQiYi

Episodes: 16

Genre: Suspense, Mystery


Main Cast:

Jun Ji Hyun as Seo Yi Kang, the best ranger at Mt. Jiri National Park

Ju Ji Hoon as Kang Hyun Jo, a rookie ranger at Mt. Jiri National Park, an ex-Army captain and military academy graduate

Sung Dong Il as Jo Dae Jin, a Park official

Oh Jung Se as Jung Goo Young, another park ranger



Jirisan is the tallest mountain in South Korea, with many visitors to its stunning views.  Kang Hyun Jo is a veteran ranger who is the best ranger in the park and knows every feature and crevice of it. Seo Yi Gang is a rookie park ranger. A former Army captain and a graduate of the military academy, he has a secret that he can't tell anyone. Kang Hyun Jo and Seo Yi Gang team up to save people in the park.


The writer Kim Eun Hee is noted for having penned Kingdom and Signal.

The director Lee Eung Bok is known for having directed Descendants of the Sun and Goblin.


credits: Asianwiki.com, Forbes.com, mydramalist.com

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21 hours ago, stroppyse said:

he has a secret that he can't tell anyone

I wonder what his secret is, hopefully nothing too bad!


21 hours ago, stroppyse said:

The writer Kim Eun Hee is noted for having penned Kingdom and Signal.

The director Lee Eung Bok is known for having directed Descendants of the Sun and Goblin.

Wow! Talk about the two people behind some of the most successful dramas. :pandahappyspoon:



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15 hours ago, stroppyse said:


Yes, it's this combination plus the A-list stars that headline this drama that is building up the anticipation in viewers. I hope it lives up to the hype and expectations.

I hope it does too. Sometimes overly hyped dramas can be disappointing so fingers cross it's not like that!

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22 minutes ago, Tofu said:

I hope it does too. Sometimes overly hyped dramas can be disappointing so fingers cross it's not like that!


Of course, disappointment is a matter of opinion. lol.  To be honest, I can only think of one drama that Jun Ji Hyun did that I thought didn't live up to the hype, and that wasn't the fault of her acting. As for Ju Ji Hoon, he's so intense in everything he does, even when it's a comedy! I think this will be a really great partnership, with amazing chemistry.


Plus, Sung Dong Il is such a veteran as is Oh Jung Se. It sounds as if Sung Dong Il will be the wise, veteran park official, but Oh Jung Se's character sounds as if he will be more "it's just a job" kind of attitude, at least to start off with. Anyway, it's a fantastic cast with a solid director and a writer coming off of some really hot dramas, so we'll see. It's hard not to get caught up in the anticipation. :smile:

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Cute still.  @bairama had posted this on the JH Discord Chat server, but so cute I'm re-posting here on this thread.



The caption on the still says "Not a commercial. A thrilling two shot."

Have to admit they are very adorable together, and they seem to be having fun.



21 hours ago, Tofu said:

By the way, I heard that filming was stopped because of COVID exposure. 


Hope it's not delayed too badly, but would rather that they stay safe rather than pushing for the shoot if there is COVID exposure.

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Just realised the director that did Sweet Home directed DOTS & Goblin and  is directing this one too@mademoiselle @stroppyse.


Lee is now directing another TV series titled "Cliffhanger," or "Jirisan," starring Jun Ji-hyun and Ju Ji-hoon. It is scheduled to be released next year.


K-dramas to watch out for in 2021


TvN drama "Cliffhanger," also known as "Jirisan" starring Jun Ji-hyun and Ju Ji-hoon, is a mystery thriller that depicts mountain rescuers and park rangers trying to help lost hikers. Written by Kim Eun-hee ("Kingdom") and helmed by director Lee Eung-bok ("Mr. Sunshine" and "Sweet Home"), it is one of the most anticipated series to look out for.


IQIYI To Stream ‘Jirisan’ Starring Ju-Ji-Hoon, Jun Ji-Hyun, Oh Jung-Se


Jirisan, another k-drama with a star-studded cast, is already in the works.

The streaming service recently announced that Jirisan, starring Jun Ji-Hyun and Ju Ji-hoon, will air exclusively on the app outside of Korea. The drama will be broadcast simultaneously via the app with subtitles available in eight languages.


“Our international audience has been loving the Korean content on our service, such as Dinner Mate and Backstreet Rookie and we are excited to further strengthen the slate of our iQIYI Originals with Jirisan,” said Kuek Yu Chuang, vice-president of iQIYI International.


Jirisan, a suspenseful mystery, also known as Mount Jiri, is set in Jirisan National Park. Jirisan is the tallest mountain on the South Korean mainland and home to seven major Buddhist temples. Known for its stunning views, the mountain park is associated with countless Korean legends and myths.


Jun, who starred in The Legend of the Blue Sea, You Who Came From The Stars and Kingdom, plays a veteran park ranger who knows every rock and tree of the terrain. Ju, who recently starred in Hyena and Kingdom, plays a new park ranger who winds up working with her. 


Also starring in this drama are Sung Dong-il as a park official and Oh Jung-se as a park ranger. Sung recently appeared in The Cursed and Hospital Playlist, while Oh attracted attention for his roles in the dramas It’s Okay Not To Be Okay and When The Camellia Blooms.

Jirisan does not just feature star actors but also a critically acclaimed writer and director. The drama script is written by Kim Eun-hee, who wrote Kingdom and Signal, and directed by Lee Eung-bok who directed Mister Sunshine, Descendants of the Sun  and Guardian: The Great and Lonely God.




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this is one drama.... i cannot wait.... i simply cannot wait....


the only silver lining is to have kingdom S3 on 23rd july..... i am dying to see jun ji hyun on screen.... it is sooo long.... I don't even remember...the latest was LOTBS.... like after that she was so busy in her personal life.... took her approx 5 yrs to come...

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The reason why Joo Ji-hoon climbs the mountain while traversing the eight islands


Esquire Magazine Interview


Please tell me about 〈Mt. Jirisan〉, which is filmed while riding on the mountains.
There's something fun about this. I often ride mountains, but I don't think I'm overdoing it. After thinking deeply about why, I think it is because the times have changed. There was a time when office workers took overtime for granted. In those days, even if the lead actor was injured while filming a drama or movie, it was difficult to complete the work. Everyone wanted the lead actor to do that, and the lead actor also jumped in with passion.


Doing so has been described as a virtue.
Right. However, while filming <Mt. Jirisan>, I thought that the situation and times had changed a lot. What we were trying to fill with passion alone, we have been able to reduce risk factors and increase the quality with the advancement of technology and systems. To shoot a scene from three viewpoints with one camera, an actor has to perform the same performance three times. But if you shoot with three cameras, you can only do it once. That's the logic.
Q:I think that's a very important thing. As technology advances, production time is reduced, but it also reduces the risk of injury to actors and staff.
Yes. It takes less time and less risk if you shoot an action scene that would have been shot with one camera with three cameras. I am enjoying such an advantage this time. If there is a scene where there is a very steep mountain, actors would have to climb a really steep slope themselves in the past. We're doing it a little differently. What you can cover is taking pictures while covering it. So I climb the mountain, but it doesn't feel like I'm about to die.
Yes. We had similar conversations in previous interviews. In a scene where a stuntman can be used, it is right to use a stuntman as much as possible. That's the way the lead actor is for the whole project.
It's not because the action scenes are annoying or difficult. If a leading actor gets hurt while performing a stunt, it's a big deal. If you get a fracture, you won't be able to do filming for at least 8 weeks. About 1,000 people, including 150 to 200 staff members and their families, are inevitably affected, such as having to take a break from work for 8 weeks. Of course, you have to do the necessary scenes and the scenes where you can do it. Do I have to shoot an action scene while taking that risk? It would be possible if the sum of the actions was perfect, and the actors and crew were completely prepared and given enough time to shoot, but in reality, these are tasks that are always pressed for time.


Carrera Heuer02 Sport Chronograph with 44mm steel case, black ceramic bezel and black dial Tag Heuer.  Shirt, pants and tie all by Thom Browne.  Glasses fake me.


I was going to ask you something light-hearted about how you feel because you've been living for a while, but it has become more serious than that.
I think it's because I've been thinking a lot about these things lately. Of course, you don't need passion even now. When I am involved in a film with a small budget, I take risks and do it too much. I'm thinking about trying to do better without getting hurt somehow.
It's an important story, but after that, I didn't even talk about the content of <Mt. Jirisan> that I was curious about. Please talk quickly. Not much is known.
There is not much I can reveal. (Laughs) It is a work that uses the genre characteristics of 'Thriller', which is its own identity, very well to cover the huge theme of 'coexistence'. But in the meantime, the color of emotion conveyed by this work is very warm. It seems impossible, but it is possible. It's all in. There's a big theme, dramatic fun, and emotional warmth.
I think Kim Eun-hee would do a great job.
That's right. I don't know if this is a correct analogy, but think of eating spicy chicken feet at a dinner party and pouring soju into your stomach. It may not be good for your body, but there is definitely a sense of pleasure that comes from sweating. But again, the purpose of the dinner is not for pleasure, but to promote camaraderie and friendship.



44mm steel case, black ceramic bezel with rose gold detail, Carrera Heuer02 Sport Chronograph with black dial, Rose Gold 8.29 million won Tag Heuer.  Both the shirt and pants are Berluti.



He drinks soju from chicken feet, but the subject of the party is friendship, and there is a genre-stimulating pleasure called thriller, but the theme of the work is coexistence. It's pretty fitting. What mountain did you come from today?
I arrived in Seoul at 12 o'clock last night. From Mt. Jirisan in Namwon, Jeollabuk-do.
Why are sightings heard not only from Mt. Jirisan but also from Jeju Island?
I am filming not only in Namwon, but all over the country. First of all, Mt. Jirisan itself is so large that it spans three provinces: Gyeongsangnam-do and Jeolla-do, so we are constantly wandering around the South. Also, since the sets are located in Daejeon, Yongin, and Paju, we travel all over the country. Filming in Jeju Island is somewhat related to the technology and capital story mentioned earlier. It is possible to take pictures in the nature of Mt. Jirisan, but it is a very deep mountain, so the distance from the place that can be reached by car to the filming location is too far. It is dangerous, difficult, and time-consuming for the staff to carry all kinds of equipment to film on that long road. However, in Jeju Island, there is a place where you can meet nature similar to Mt. Jirisan within 10-20 minutes of walking from the car. Even with a little more budget, we shot it with less risk, less effort, and faster in Jeju Island. I think it was possible to do <Jirisan> because there was a budget and the pre-production period was sufficient.
This time, the director is Lee Eung-bok of 'Goblin' and 'Mr. Sunshine'. Is this the first time director Lee's aesthetic screen and Kim Eun-hee's story are attached?
So I'm very curious to see what the results will be. Dramas don't have time to monitor like movies.
Is this the first time Ji-hoon and Lee Eung-bok work together?
First time.
If it comes out as pretty as <Goblin>, it's good to look forward to it. (Laughs) He's a director who can make you look like a cartoon character if he wants to.
It won’t come out like that. (Laughs) Since we are a mountain, it rains all the time, and we roll and do it.
There seems to be no romance.
Romance... Romance in our work is like 'Schrödinger's Cat'. If there is, there may be, and if not, there may not be.

Carrera Jack Heuer's 88th Anniversary Gold Limited Edition Tag Heuer with 42mm rose gold case and silver dial.  Both the jacket and pants are Wooyoungmi.  Knit Brunello Cucinelli.  Sneakers Hogan.



If you know it exists, it is not there, if you know it does not exist, it is there
But definitely not at all. It can't be without it at all, but the level and the way it is expressed... Viewers who are accustomed to dark melodies may respond, 'Is this a melodrama?'
It seems similar to <Signal>.
Right. <Signal> is definitely not a romance, but you can feel something. I really did my best (laughs). I think I did everything I could say. Now watch it on TV.
source (autotranslated;edited by bluepebbless)
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Quite a few of Kim Eun Hee's dramas seem to be linked to "23"... the significance of 23:23 (11:23PM) in Signal, Kingdom:Ashin of the North premiering Jul 23, and now Jirisan too broadcasting Oct 23. Regardless of whether it is a mere coincidence or not, I can only say that I am absolutely thrilled so have so many of her works this year. And Ju Jihoon's cryptic description of the premise just makes me even more excited. My only complaint... why can't the broadcast be Jun 23! :cry:

Edited by liddi
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Ice Kacang Puppy Love, Garden of Evening Mists

Mother, 空から降る一億の星, Ouroboros

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@liddi considering the drought in K Drama Land , they should have done it ASAP. God , Please look at us... we are dying here waiting for such blockbuster.... the only consolation is Kingdom....  

He cannot possibly go on describing everything...lol... makers will kill him... He tried to justify the question as much possible as it is without revealing the story line...lol...

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I realize that I'm late to the party since others have noted it here, but I finally read that this drama will broadcast on tvN starting October 23, 2021, with the broadcast on iQiyi to start shortly after. At this rate, I may have to break down and buy a premium subscription to iQiyi after all. Maybe.


No trailers have been released as yet.


Can't wait to watch Ju Ji Hoon again! I've definitely had a thing for him since "Goong".

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So, the more I find out about this drama, it seems it's only loosely based on the movie "Cliffhanger" which is a good thing since the movie wasn't actually that good. In that movie, the hero and heroine are experienced rangers, and the ML is part of a fatal accident which causes him to quit being a ranger for awhile. Whereas the set up seems to be a rookie ranger and an experienced ranger. Anyway, a month left until the premier of this drama. The visuals seem to be really good, both the actors and the scenery. Mt. Jiri is a pretty spectacular place.

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