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Alphabet Games 2.0: Name your food 🤤

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Similar to Alphabet Games: Name Your Movies/Drama

But....with food items!!!


As a reminder...this is how it works.

I start the game with "Apple". The last alphabet is "E". The next person will name a food item that starts with "E" and it goes on and on and on until we run out of food items to name 🤣.




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@MayanEcho suggested a twist...food items and add/sub. Let's experiment and do a trial run. 


How it works:

Desserts team (+) vs Main Dish team (-) if you can add up to a 100 or subtract till reach 0 dishes, the respective team wins! (Idea by@Darkarcana)


As a rough guide, the teams are divided based on your JH username first alphabet (*this is subject to change).


Team dessert aka Team add: A, C, E, G, I, K, M, O, Q, S, U, W, Y, symbols


Team main course aka Team subtract: B, D, F, H, J, L, N, P, R, T, V, X, Z, numbers


For example, my username is Katakwasabi. So I am Team Dessert.


Alternatively...you can also choose which ever team you want to be in 😅. Just tell me which group you want to be in since some are playing add/sub on discord and that has another set of rules hahaha.


Thoughts about this idea @NiteWalker @SilverMoonTea @joccu__ @Alice Wonderland@abs-oluteM @MayanEcho @wallflowersforjane @mademoisellesia @bluepebbles @LaLa @-StrongTower- @Chocolate @SnowBlob and everyone (there's no everyone tag 🙃)? Wanna give it a try?


Note: you can name any food item, regardless team name. Food is universal! Hahaha


Group as of 31 Aug:

Desserts: Katakwasabi, abs-oluteM, mademoisellesia, wallflowersforjane, stroppyse, -StrongTower-, im0202, snowblob, mouse


Main Dish: joccu__, Chocolate, nitewalker, darkarcana, mayanecho, alice wonderland, MMM8P


Scoreboard (as of 01 Sept 2020)

Team Dessert: 4

Team Main Dish: 1


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50 minutes ago, joccu__ said:

Board in main dishes

So how do we play.? I mean still alphabet and add - /+


Yep. So there will be 2 answers per person. A dish and a number.


We will start at 50. Team main dish will -2 and name a food item, team dessert will +2 and name a food item. Whichever team reaches 0 or 100 first wins the round. 


The same rules as alphabet game applies for food items.

For example: I start with eggnog, the last alphabet is "G". The next person will name a food item that starts with "G" and it goes on and on and on until we run out of food items to name 🤣.


I'm so bad at explaining rules. I'm already confused. Hahahaha 😅


Lets try.








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4 minutes ago, katakwasabi said:


Repeated food okay. Like movie/drama repeat can. Hahahaha


But more fun if not repeated la 🤣


Or we can make a rule no repeated food per round? Any ideas? Hahaha


Let’s try no repeat for each round ? 
Ok agreed with Mayan , at least for the page 

sago pudding 



continuing from @MayanEcho’s post with baklavas

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