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First Anniversary Event - What Are You Eating?


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What is a birthday party without food? However, given that we're an international community, we're interested to see what food you're eating that you want to share with us!


Post a photo of your favorite dish or meal from now until August 22, 2021. You'll be awarded JangHaven points for posting!


On August 15, we'll hold a poll with your photos to see which dish makes us the hungriest. One photo submission per member. Winner has to make us all that dish in RL!




Just kidding. The prize will be bragging rights and lots of points for the Member Shop!


Bon Appetit!

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@mademoiselle if we can somehow get out of Lockdown number 6 before then I will make sure I get to a restaurant just to take pics and post here. LOL

I don't know if I can make McDonalds or KFC look appetizing for a photo. hahahaha :laugh:

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whoops.. I will submit one as starter, heart for foodie!~ 

A bit flexing my attempt on Gyu Tan Don (actually not a flex, it just no restaurant meal collection for the past year *CRIES & this dish has fond memories on me because my fam love Gyu Tan :) which is one of cheat meal these months.. Heavily inspired by one of Japanese restaurant in my area (tried to replicate the cuts & appearance). My love.. Hope this appetizing enough :pandablush:  (the points yo $$$ hahahaha I'm still a moocher in JH bank)




Gyu tan don with onsen egg on top & butter rice

(tho my bowl had no butter rice & onsen egg, still needs to really calculate cal, fat & protein. This was for the other one, and seems more appetizing? Lol)


Waiting for other posts excitedly :pandahappyspoon:


5 hours ago, TRaNz said:

I don't know if I can make McDonalds or KFC look appetizing for a photo. hahahaha :laugh:

well.. Me when seeing fast food mukbang post:


will be forever soft in heart lolol


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7 hours ago, mademoiselle said:

Hahaha @stroppyse the first thing that came into my mind is Song Hwa: "Must I only choose one?"




@TRaNz Will you choose Maccas?


You can post as many dishes as you want, but you have to designate a single dish for the voting. 


Well, there was the BTS McD meal, but I didn't take a photo of it. Plus, we didn't get the pretty packaging in the US either. So, I'll have to upload a different dish.

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I went to a korean grocery shop, the aim was to buy Japanese green tea (in tea bags) but ended up buying a whole heaps of things and found an amazing, ingenius ice cream dessert.


Imuraya's Yawamochi




Can't believe this is already out 3 years ago and it only came here now (?). It is a green tea ice cream with red bean paste and mochi. SO GOOD! :SquirtleNiceAhah: I now regret I only bought one to try.




Gomaya Kuki's Sesame Seeds Ice Cream



Another ice cream must not be missed is Japan's Gomaya Kuki's Sesame Seeds ice creams. The Triple Black Sesame Seeds ice cream (the top in the pic) is my favourite. It has the strongest sesame seed flavour compared to the white or less concentrated sesame flavours.

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11 minutes ago, NiteWalker said:

@OsmanthusTea @Yana @Lynne @SnT @movingwheel @cherrhys88 @Hyacinth0910 and all come and join us in the celebrations n bring foods u guys will love to have

Here some older pictures of food in my library…I will post more later….💪🏻



Homemade hotpot during lockdown…With not homemade desert….




Verdens Beste Kake

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So much good food! How does one choose??


I am a big noodle fan.. However, I am going to post what I am craving right now which is a Kalbi Bento Box




I love the variety you get in a bento.. Apart from the delicious Kalbi, you get rice, salad, tempura and sushi/maki! YUMMY!!


Here's a photo of the bento box I typically get from this one Japanese restaurant..





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Like @OsmanthusTea I love hot pot.  But I am not very domesticated. ahahahah..Yes, lazy is my middle name . So I rather go out and eat. (pre-covid that is)


Hot pot is such a rage here for us in SEA , so there are loads of HP places all over with many of the big chains from China including Hai Di Lao.  Pre-covid , it used to be a regular affair as a way to meet up with family & friends. So for me this is the perfect way to celebrate something. 


What I love about these places is that you can have soups of different flavours - for example the spicy one - called as Mala- full of peppercorns / dried chilli, the tomato based ones, the ones that use meat bones for the broth and so on. So you can choose to have a few combinations all partitioned nicely. 


One of my fave is this one called Beauty in the Pot where they add collagen into their soups. Bahahhah I don't know if this is really going to make you younger but it is tasty.



Just before Covid lock down in March 2020, my family discovered this new chain from China called Jin Xiu Long Men which tasted pretty authentic (See those crazy hot peppercorns & dried chilli floating in the soup). They were also very fancy in their setting.



My most authentic HP experience was in Chengdu, China which is the motherland of peppercorns - the whole city just smells like it. The tongue numbing peppercorns here are quite an experience ...but I was so chicken that I asked the Mala (spicy )  part of the soup to be just a small section (the black looking soup ! )

This is a place called Longsen Garden which was highly rated by locals & tourists alike. Loved this and hope to go back some day.





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Aside from hot pot, Yakiniku place is great too before Covid. Rocku Yakiniku in Pavilion is our fav in KL (we don't have many Yakiniku places in my place, mostly are Korean BBQ which aren't that great compare to Japanese Yakiniku). My sons always willing to queue for hours outside.....:PsyWhat:  Rocku provides great dipping sauces and wide selection of meats and stuffs.









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