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Mustache Oppas! (Sept 27 - Oct 3)

Crown Best Mustache Oppa (Choose 1 from each category)  

21 members have voted

  1. 1. Best Handsome Mustache 👑

  2. 2. Best Saeguk Mustache 🧔

    • Seo Kang Joon
    • Yoon Kyun Sang
    • Lee Dong Wook
    • Song Joong Ki
    • Lee Jun Ki
  3. 3. Best Emotional Mustache (look melo & tortured with mustache)🥇

  4. 4. Best Hot Mustache 🔥

    • Choi Si Won
    • Gong Yoo
    • Cha Seung Won
    • Song Seung Hoon
    • Lee Jin Wook
  5. 5. Best Refreshing Mustache 💧

    • Jung Kyung Ho
    • Eric Moon
    • Kang Ha Neul
    • Lee Joon Hyuk
    • Chun Jung Myung

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Mustache Oppas

(9/27 - 10/3)


Do you like your oppas shaven clean or with some remaining facial hair? How many amounts of mustache you prefer? I was not fans of mustache oppas before. But I have to admit some oppas indeed looked better with mustache on them



Let Me Introduce you to my oppa pick with mustache! And please share yours too! 




20190429-224448.jpg FB-IMG-1556549862248.jpg 20190430-232755.jpg


But I have to admit, too many mustache maybe not a good idea either lols




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I knew @gm4queen & @Chocolate will sure  post the ultimate bias . 
 @SilverMoonTea Ehhh I prefer Sang Yeob clean shaven . ......think why sometimes I don’t like facial hair is because sometimes they seem a little sleazy 
@mademoisellesiaSee la my oppa here - like his mustache don’t want to grow :PsyWhat: cc @Keyta


@Darkarcana I believe will hv a lot of oppas with facial hair . I think Lee Jin Wook is one of those who look manly with facial hair 


must see if @wallflowersforjane @im0202 got any hairy oppa...

@OsmanthusTea @Lynne any hot actor with mustache?


@joccu__ @MayanEcho @Alice Wonderland any you’d recommend?  @TiNaDo I think cannot imagine KSH with some mustache 

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ooooh yeah I do love facial hair on some oppas (and ahjussis)!

@mademoisellesia posted one of Jo Seung Woo already but here’s another



And the first person that comes to my mind also posted by @ktcjdrama (Cha Seung Won just looks... wrong(?) without a moustache haha)

Hyun Bin looks really good with some facial hair too but I’ll wait for @Chocolate to post hehe.


click for a surprise! One more oppa:




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When I saw this week's topic, Cha Seung Won and Kim Nam Gil came to mind first as well. 


@gm4queen That third picture of Daniel :wow:


@Darkarcana @ktcjdrama I agree, Lee Jin Wook looks really good with facial hair! 


The other actor I can think of who looks good with a bit of scruff is Eric!




If you squint and ignore his hair, I think KHN could look reasonably good with that scruff? Going to put it in spoilers because it may not go with the other pictures. Lol.





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I know no one here is like a serious big fan of Lee Jin Wook except for me (At least I think I am the only one. If you are, do tag me lol) but wow...his hair..his facial hair plus his face spells H-A-N-D-S-O-M-E....But at the same time, he is way better looking in action crime thriller more than romance in my opinion haha.....


Can my dead V3 oppa be brought back to life again for a S4?:cry: I want to see my moustache boy...

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“A romantic who likes flowers.”



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ahahahahah @wallflowersforjane I just waiting for you to post that of Kang Ha Neul. He was the 1st one I had in mind cause that image stuck in my head :laugh:


I just feel some oppas can carry that look with facial hair ..Jo In Sung is really one of them...he can do even if it is for historical cave man look kkkkk


But  I cannot imagjine baby face Nam Joo Hyuk with one...I wonder is it because of shape of the face?


@SilverMoonTea https://www.stylishasians.com/attractive-beard-styles-for-asian-men/

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15 minutes ago, abs-oluteM said:

ahahahahah @wallflowersforjane I just waiting for you to post that of Kang Ha Neul. He was the 1st one I had in mind cause that image stuck in my head


No way, KHN inspired this thread? HAHAHAHAHAHA! I think with the right styling, he might look quite good since he's not your conventional pretty face!


Ah ha! YYS is finally here, I was waiting for @SilverMoonTea to include him! I just found this gif:




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