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Cham Cham Cham - Battle of Villains


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6 hours ago, Chocolate said:

I am confused. So did Min Tae Gu win or lose? There is 1 point next to the name but result says "won against" 😵


Min Tae Gu won in the first round, and also in the second round. So far, he is one of the villain leading this game along with Cha Luo!


6 hours ago, Chocolate said:

Is the "hero" (Jang Hyuk in round 2) photo that you show us a clue? If not, what is the purpose of the photo? 🤔


The heroes are not clues. Rather they are motivation for the villains. :smile:


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Alright, here is my chance to help my man shine. I introduce to you, Lee Sang-Yeob, his character Lee Yoo-Bum. He is the hot villain from the drama "While You're Sleeping" leading by Suzy and Lee Jongsuk. 


This man is defined as "a monster behind the mask" well I call him that. He is a successful lawyers yet he commit crimes, how ironic is that? But what attractive me was his smirk and the way he talks to people, although his words sound nice and pleasant, the hidden meaning behind his words are damnnnn...


**Plus, who doesn't like a villain in a suit?** 




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On 2/25/2021 at 12:09 PM, Alice Wonderland said:

Btw that gif cr to @Dhakra haha, found it on google... hey yaa.. come play with us... lols


Wait what? You found my gif on google? :pandahappy: That's too funny. 


Edit: Looks like I'm way too late to play, sigh. Too bad, I would be a great villain. 

I'm surprised @abs-oluteM didn't choose Shi Ho as the ultimate villain. 

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49 minutes ago, Dhakra said:



Wait what? You found my gif on google? :pandahappy: That's too funny. 


Edit: Looks like I'm way too late to play, sigh. Too bad, I would be a great villain. 

I'm surprised @abs-oluteM didn't choose Shi Ho as the ultimate villain. 


You are still welcome to play. You've missed the first 2 rounds, but there are still plenty of more rounds before the game finishes on Monday!


@AwkwarDerp, now that you've introduced the villain, you have to play the game to get him some points! So, pick either left facing or right facing and post it before Round 3 finishes! Cham Cham Cham!

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1 hour ago, Tofu said:

How did I miss two rounds already?!


Fortunately, there are still plenty of rounds left to play. For Round 3, only @Alice Wonderlandgot it right anyway. So, after 3 rounds, there is now a 3 way tie:


Min Tae Gu (Hyun Bin)

Jang Do Han (Kim Young Kwang)

Cha Luo (Jiil Hsu)


It's still any villain's game!

Villains Fighting!


(Wait. Should I really be rooting for a villain to win?!? Okay, okay, okay. SUGA fighting! ):laugh:

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27 minutes ago, Alice Wonderland said:

So is this round ended? Do I win? :laugh:


Yes, you won Round 3, but there are many more rounds to play! So, make a guess and post for Round 4!


54 minutes ago, AwkwarDerp said:

LOL SAME! This game is going so fast 




@AwkwarDerp, you did a fabulous intro of your villain and posted pictures of him facing left and right. Now, to participate in a round, you just have to post a single picture of him facing either left OR right. You can just copy and paste one of the pictures that you've already posted. But, in your last post, since you posted 2 pictures of him, I wasn't sure which one was your entry for the round, if you meant to enter either one. So, get posting for Round 4 now, please!


56 minutes ago, Chocolate said:

but but but... I was sleeping during round 3 😭


Oops. Sorry. That pesky thing called sleeping... but so necessary and so nice to sleep. :BulbaOWO:


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Round 4


Cham cham zzzz :pandasleep:  I might miss many rounds because I keep wanting to go back to sleep...







@SilverMoonTea Your oppa dimple has to be shown together, not only one sides to win against the offense sides I guess xD

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