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First Anniversary Event - Piece of Cake!


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Happy 1st Anniversary to all of us!!! 

It's been a great one year and it will still be for many more years~

Unfortunately didn't actually have any real cake today but here's the cake I wish I would be able to eat.. a cake full of butter cream/fresh cream YUMMMM



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Oooooh I love cake! I didn't buy any today, but if I could, I would totally buy this cake for Janghaven celebrations. I've never tried it before, but Stacy Brewer's cakes look amazing! She lives in a different state to me...but it's my dream to one day try her cakes :wow2:


All the cakes (and sushi cakes) on this thread look good though...maybe I'll try and buy some tomorrow :wow:



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hi :heart: 

I had a slice of Triple Decker cake, which is one of my favorite combos of cake taste: black cherry, pastry cream, with mouse chocolate.

I just had 2 tbsp of it actually, because I need to keep my sugar for the kidney treatment. CRIES. I'm on my way to become kind of free (back to normal) though it could be long way, dw, and looking forward to it.


Loving all the posts! Thank you for all the love. :fam:

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