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First Anniversary Event - Wishing Well


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Early congratulations to Jang Haven for the first anniversary.



cr Neverland on tumblr


Honestly without @abs-oluteM adopting me to her circle and by extension to this community, I think I would just spend my fangirling by myself. Thank you for letting me to have internet friends that I have never imagined. My life won't be the same without this community. 


And to all friends that I have made while engaging in this community, thank you so much for letting me to be your friend. I really appreciate it. For adopting this very introvert and shy person to your circle, thank you so much. I can't tag you one by one in fear might forget someone and it would offend them. Love you all :love:


Cheers to more anniversaries and celebration of Jang Haven in the years to come. :eeeee:



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Happy 1 Year Old, Jang Haven!



Thank you and it is an honour to be nominated. It all started with @NiteWalker Angie inviting me to the Add/Minus thread and the friendships built up from there. I am also happy to meet a few Havenites who share the same passion as I am in our the more the merrier Oppa love, hahahahaha, you guys know who you are!


Thank you for making this place hospitable, friendly and welcoming. Thank you for your patience, humour and fun. For many years more to come, I wish you and Jang Haven prosperity and everyone stays healthy.



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@LaLa Thank you for coming on board with us. I am so so happy that we get to fangirl together and have this place to chat about anything. Always so appreciative of your translations & recaps.  :heart:

And thank you to my drama buddy  @40somethingahjumma for the  many great reviews . Always look forward to your posts on the threads! When I see you watch something, I will always make sure to check out. 


@mademoiselle Is our JH goddess. So grateful to you for opening many threads for us and helping us behind the scenes with some of our events.   I feel less bad ogling at young blood now thanks to you! :eeeee:


There are so many of you that have made this community what it is - a safe and friendly haven. Thank you all for your support in so many ways from opening threads, posting updates & your thoughts , giving financially and just being here. I am glad we can have open conversations, go off topic , talk about life , dramas & oppas . I have watched so many more dramas thanks to all the recommendations. I start and end my day here because there is always something that would make me laugh & smile. Also have to thank everyone on staff who is like family to me -  the team have been amazing because they do so much , allowing us to keep going.


Here's to many more years of us having fun and cheering each other on in this place! 




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It's a year already? Time flew! 🤗




Met most of you for the first time in the T/F and listening to which song threads, then in Discord, while coping with the very challenging 2020. You mean so much to me being the warm online friends who are so comfortable to interact with. 😍


It's Angie @NiteWalker I talk to and gossip the most. LOL! And @abs-oluteM, thanks a bunch too. You may not remember anymore, but I'm still very grateful.


Cheers to more anniversaries! Hats off for this wonderful haven. 

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Carpe diem, quam minimum credula postero

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1 hour ago, Alice Wonderland said:

Oh JH's anniversay!! I saw it on board yesterday but couldnt post anything yet, so I'll just say it now, happy first anniversary! Whoaa.. it's been a year here we're hanging together. You're all like my close friends even we're parted millions kilomtres away. 


This place becomes such a super cozy place for my dramas craze, hahaha. 


hahaha....well welcome to the craze hahaha

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Congratulations @mademoiselle and @40somethingahjumma!


Thank you both for being so active and continuing to show support for the JangHaven community.


I also want to express my sincere thanks to all of you, our beloved members, who continue to support JangHaven and make it such a lovely, fun and enjoyable community. I have to say that I really appreciate the atmosphere of our community. I love reading all of your posts and insights on the threads whether it's in admiration of an oppa, love/hate for a drama or just talking about life in general.


Thank you as well to the JangHaven Staff for all your efforts in making this community such a fun place to hang out!


JangHaven would not be the place it currently is without all of you! :duckhearts:

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JangHaven 1st Year 

It has been a great year and truly enjoyed being a part of this community. It is growing slowly and we have only attracted good people to join us. Everyone comments above is sweet and true. All the members and staff for making JANGHAVEN what it is today.  

Sending lots of Hugs to everyone :withu:

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🎵🎈 Congratulations and Celebrations 🎵🎈


JangHaven is truly the best! Amazing community with amazing members. I've met a lot of wonderful people and have learned a lot of good things here. Excellent work by the staff and everyone involved with keeping this site up and running. This place definitely feels more modern and polished than other mainstream sites. Thank you so much for your hard work! 🙏🙏🙏

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