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Reasons to Cheer: a Drama Round-up!


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It's almost the end of the year, and we were talking dramas, of course. We thought we would like to pose some questions to our Members.


Starting on December 1, we're going to unveil a new question every day! Check back to this first post every day to see the new question. Then feel free to answer any and all of the questions we pose, and see what other members think as well!







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First topic of discussion is up!


How many dramas did you watch this year?


To be honest, I'm not sure that I know how many I watched this year. Also, does it count if I dropped the series part of the way through? I feel as if I started a lot of dramas this year, but I'm pretty sure that I did not finish nearly as many!


Okay, so for those of you with the fortitude to tell us. Give us 2 numbers: the number of dramas you started and the number of dramas you actually finished!


For instance, for @SilverMoonTea, I'm pretty sure that the first number is going to be orders of magnitude larger than the second number. :lmao2:

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The christmas banner is so cute! And makes me feel the year is ending too fast! All those resolutions undone 😭


I think I definitely watched much less than last year, which can only be a good thing haha. Last year I was still relatively new to kdrama so there were a lot of older good dramas to catch up on.



Under the Queen's Umbrella


Reborn Rich




Bloody Heart

Doctor Lawyer

Big Mouth

A Business Proposal

Through The Darkness

Again My Life

Why Her

One Dollar Lawyer

Kill Heel



Our Blues

Little Women

Thirty Nine

The Good Detective 2

Extraordinary Attorney Woo


Juvenile Justice

Money Heist


Remarriage & Desires

Narco Saints

May It Please The Court


Thinking whether to continue

Curtain Call

Revenge of Others



Now We Are Breaking Up




Should I try these?

The Empire

The King of Pigs


Shadow Detective


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I like the banner...   :Party01:




The dramas  I started watching and then dropped....


- A Business Proposal  

- Crazy Love

- My Liberation Notes

- Pachinko      my fav. character was Isak...

Pachinko: haverá uma segunda temporada? Tudo o que sabemos!




- Bloody Heart...I love Lee Joon but that drama was kind of slow...


More Complex, Here Are The Three Main Character Relationships Of Bloody  Heart Drama


- Insider

- Why Her

- Little Women...   I only watched the scenes with WHJ


Little Women': In-joo and Do-il's Relationship Wasn't Written With the  Intention of Romance


- Good Job

- The Law Cafe

- Blind

- Love in Contract




Christmas Decorations, Gifts & Clothing | John Lewis & Partners


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Number of dramas started: 56


Number of dramas finished: 34


In progress: 7

  1. Reborn Rich
  2. Revenge of Others
  3. Under the Queen's Umbrella
  4. Love is for Suckers
  5. Summer Strike
  6. May I Help You
  7. The First Responders

I'm glad Love is for Suckers will end tomorrow. I'm very likely going to drop May I Help You. I FF through Somebody so I didn't count this one.

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Can't believe the Christmas countdown event is here, though am not quite sure I will be able to properly participate, seeing I barely watched anything this year. Come to think of it, my dismal list is as follows...


Dramas watched (2):

Through the Darkness

民国大侦探 Checkmate


Dramas completed (1):

Through the Darkness


Did also complete the brilliant Chinese anime 时光代理人 Link Click this year, which kept me riveted and crying copious tears... does it count though since it was released in 2021?


It's a disaster, I know! :nervous:


Still! I guess there is hope yet, since Missing:The Other Side S2 airs Dec 17th, so I might just be able to nudge in a partially started drama to the list of watched dramas :thinking:

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Signal, Thank You, Missing:The Other Side, Children of Nobody, Misaeng, Tree with Deep Roots, Story of a Man

步步惊心, 长相思, 琅琊榜之风起长林, 平凡的荣耀, 大鱼海棠, 九州缥缈录, 风声, 剑雨

Ice Kacang Puppy Love, Garden of Evening Mists

Mother, 空から降る一億の星, Ouroboros

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The dramas I finished...(part1)


- All of Us are Dead..I dont like the genre but that drama was so good..





- Through the Darkness..     


- Twenty-Five Twenty-One...I liked the second couple..:hearties:






- Rookie Cops    the bromance..    :heart:




- Military Prosecutor

- Jinxed at First


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Well this year I have finished about the same amount dramas than last year:


Finished K-dramas:

A superior day


Juvenile Justice

Money heist korea part 1

The king of pigs

Through the Darkness

the killer´s shopping list


Finished c-dramas:

Be reborn


Finished J-dramas:

Fukou-kun wa Kiss Suru Shikanai

Kingyo Tsuma

Shoutai (2022)


Finished thai-dramas(lakorns)


mama gogo

Phleng Bin Bai Ngiu 

Love mechanics


currently watching:


vengeance of the bride (korean)

between Us (thailand)




curtain call 


little women

big mouth

behind every star(I really loved the french version but I found the korean dull)


bloody heart


anna and many more.. My drop late is always high. 


going to watch Queen Umbrella when the last episode airs. 

waiting for Missing:the other side season 2 to start.





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F1, crime/thiller drama and coffee addict!



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Unfinished [45]:

(I added which eps I stopped watching) I put in spoiler, and you've been warned, the list is bottomless, keep scrolling. I not even 100% sure I had added all of them here



1 Reply 88 - 13

2 Konin Todoke - 9 (no sub for ep 10) 

3 Insp Joy - 15

4 The Psychologist - 33

5 Reset - 13

6 Because of Love - 13

7 You Are My Hero - 3

8 Witness Insecurity - 15

9 K9 - 8

10 Unexpected Business - 1

11 Military Prosecutor Doberman - 6

12 25 21 - 4

13 I Wanna Hear Your Song - 12

14 King of Pigs - 2

15 Forecast - 13

16 A Business Proposal - 9

17 Oath of Love - 15

18 Again My Life - 2

19 Our Blues - 3

20 Crazy Love - 12

21 Simner Down - 3

22 Love in A Loop - 3

23 My Liberation Notes - 7

24 Intense Love - 13

25 Showtime - 9

26 It's Beautiful Now -19 half

27 Why Her - 6

28 Dream of Splendor - 25

29 Cafe Minamdang - 1

30 Kiss 6th Sense - 9

31 Link - 9

32 Queen Lau - 19

33 Mr Sunshine -6 havent complete

34 Grid - 8

35 Law Cafe - 5

36 Pandora S2 - 3

37 Good Job - 6

38 Little Women - 8

39 Draw The Line - 4

40 Love Contract - 7

41 Love is For A Sucker - 7

42 Cheer Up - 7

43 New Life Begins - 14

44 She and Her Perfect Husband - 2

45 Revenge for Others - 1



Pretty sure I finished something, will rack my brain later 



Through The Darkness

Juvenile Justice 


Soundtrack no#1


Haunted House

Today's Webtoon


May It Please The Court 

Stand By Me

Ordinary Greatness

Blue Whisperer 

Immortal Samsara

Master of My Own

Thousand Years for You

Ishiko To Haneo 

Nice Flight! 

Fanletter Please

Remarriages & Desires 




Ongoing [4] 


100 Won Butler - 8

TY Doctor - 39

First Responder - 5

Summer Strike - 3


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I think I will consistently have the highest number of trying out dramas every year at JangHaven because I watch a variety of dramas from South Korea, China, Taiwan, Thailand, and Japan. :lmao2:


I started a total of 76 dramas/movies this year (I didn't separate the two categories). :shocked2:


I completed from beginning to end (including skipping parts, haha!) a total of 38 dramas/movies (35 dramas and 3 movies). This year probably has my lowest number of Chinese dramas because I dropped so many of them. I feel like usually around this time there's not very many good dramas getting released. I've only completed one Chinese dramas after Love Like the Galaxy. This is very low considering they released 5+ dramas every week.  


Currently, I am watching three dramas -- Summer Strike, Under the Queen's Umbrella, and Silent. 



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My best guess is that I've finished 14 dramas this year, mostly k-dramas and 1 c-drama.


There are another 24 dramas, again mostly k-dramas with a few c-dramas thrown in, that I started, but abandoned for one reason or another.


I guess it's been a low drama viewing year for me. Then again, there has been a lot of things going on in RL.

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I started quite many but not remember all of them, but let me recall from the recent one I've finished


1. All of Us Are Dead

2. Law Caffe

3. Extraordinary Attorney Woo

4. Alchemy of Souls

5. Let Md Be Your Knight

8. Love All Play

7. The Red Sleeves

8. Our Beloved Sumner

9. Business Proposal

10. Weather Forecasting of Love


11. I remember I also finished Insider with all my might 😅

12. Just peeked into others list it reminds me that recently has finished Send Me A Fan Letter, just 4 episodes you know! Short and light one. 


Ongoing dramas and unfinished dramas that I will finish

1. Little women

2. May I Help You

3. Curtain Call

4. Revenge of Others


Plan To Watch

1. Reborn Rich

2. Juvenille Deliquency

3. Hope or Dope

4. Summer Strike


Unfinished one and remain so 

Many, around 30 until 40+ 

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On 12/1/2022 at 11:34 AM, stroppyse said:

Okay, so for those of you with the fortitude to tell us. Give us 2 numbers: the number of dramas you started and the number of dramas you actually finished!


The number of k dramas that I started watch this year : 30


And below here is the status of those dramas

Dramas that I finished and watched it full : 17



The Law Cafe

It's Beautiful Now


Fan Letter, Please

A Business Proposal

One Dollar Lawyer

Poong, Joseon Psychiatrist

Twenty Five Twenty One

Our Blues

Thirty Nine

My Liberation Notes


Extraordinary Attorney Woo

Remarriage and Desire

Love is for Suckers

The Sound of Magic (Anarasumanara)

May It Please The Court 



Dramas that I finished but by reading reviews/recaps by others : 7



Cafe Minamdang

If You Wish Upon Me

The Golden Spoon

Woori the Virgin

Today's Webtoon 


Little Woman



Dramas I decided to drop : 2



Three Bold Siblings

Forecasting Weather and Love



On going: 3

Under the Queen's Umbrella

Reborn Rich

Recipes For Farewell


On hold (have no decision yet to continue either by watching or reading or drop it all together) :1

Curtain Call

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Currently Watching List:

K-drama: The Real Has Come, See You in My 19th Life 



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so. I have no idea the amount of drama I watched this year. Please Bare with me 



Love Twist

Love ft Marriage & Divorce 

Doctor Lawyer FFW

All of Us Are Dead 

Juvenile Justice

The Cursed

Remarriage & Desire

Immortal Samsara 1 &2  Cdrama

A Superior Day

Through Darkness

The Secret House

Blind  FFW

Extraordinary Attorney Woo

Who Rules the World 

Love & Wish

Maid’s Revenge 


Drama FFW

Alchemy of Souls



Little Woman

Be Reborn




Under The Queen’s Umbrella 

Three Bold Siblings 

The Witches Game



This Year the drama’s airing this year were okay. I have dropped way to many. I started them and then lost interest in them. I find I am preferring the Kdrama that are airing on Netflix when all episodes are dropped 


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Favorite Favorite Artist  Bae Doona, Moon Chae Won, Gong Hyo Jin, Cho Seung Woo, Jang Hyuk,, Jo In Sung,  Gong Yoo

Drama watching now: Plot Love,  Chimera ,The Psychologist, Always have,Always will , Show Windows: Queens House

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Let’s see



Love Twist

Law cafe

It’s Beautiful Now

Bravo My Life


Hello Sharpshooter 

Shooting Stars 


WR The virgin 

Military Doberman 

business proposal 

kings affection

Ext ordinary Woo

juvenile justice 

upcoming summer 


Little women 

Queen umbrella 

my sunshine 

Forecasting Love

Our Blues

will finish 




Today webtoon 


ghost doctor 

All of us dead

Alchemy of souls 

our beloved summer 

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7 hours ago, stroppyse said:

A couple you wished ended up together?


- Na Hee Do & Baek Yi Jin (Twenty Five Twenty One)

Reason: Well since the beginning before the flashback scenes and everything, we are already shown that NHD daughter surname is not Baek. But how can you not ride this couple ship when all along the past story, we're shown about these two grew up and go through high and low together? And when they actually knew each other pain, they decided that it's for them to be separated and not going for second chances :duckpout:


- Gu Ryeong and Park Joon Gil (Tomorrow)

Reason: Given now their soul is somewhat will live for eternity as grim reaper, can that red thread that has been broken to be tied again between the two? Not just as a mere coworkers since after the last mission, both now regain all their past live memories.


- Cheon Ji Hoon and Lee Joo Young (One Dollar Lawyer)

Reason: the lady died to early when they just got engaged :letalQQ:


- Noh Chak Hee and Jwa Si Baek (May it Please The Court)

Reason: Well chemistry is great but sadly romance is not part of the main plot of this revenge drama. Although they did leave the imagination to us whether they will be married under the sea by Mr Octopus, while sky diving or with a traditional wedding :MewGiggle:

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Currently Watching List:

K-drama: The Real Has Come, See You in My 19th Life 



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As I read through everyone completed drama list, I keep thinking, "I can't believe we went through all of that together!" (Looking at you, Poong). :laugh:


@joccu__ How was KinnPorcshe? It was so popular, but I ended up not watching it because I wasn't sure about the violence. 

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@Tofu  really Barf thai drama/lakorn.  Honestly I did not feel the chemistry between the leads.  The second couple did have awesome chemistry but they relationship was really toxic. there was lot of violence but I seen lot more and darker in k-dramas.

  I kind of get why it was popular but Yeah. it was okay for me. 



#prompt 2


even though i dropped tomorrow I wanted them to end up together.

 Gu Ryeong and Park Joon Gil (Tomorrow)

Edited by joccu__
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F1, crime/thiller drama and coffee addict!



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10 hours ago, mademoiselle said:

A couple you wished ended up together?


1. Na Hee Do and Baek Yi Jin (2521)

2. Na Bo Ra and Poong Won Ho (20th Century Girl)

3. Kim Yumi and Yoo Babi (Yumi's Cells 2)



Na Hee Do and Baek Yi Jin...

I have to admit that I watched the drama because of the second couple.  








Christmas Ornament Background Images – Browse 5,788,264 Stock Photos,  Vectors, and Video | Adobe Stock


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@joccu__ Really?! I thought it was good considering so many people loved it. I don’t like watching toxic relationships and I can 100% see that happening too. Thanks for letting me know. I’ll probably skip it then.


I never finished 2521, but I was sad when they didn’t end up together too! They should have ended together. 

16 hours ago, mademoiselle said:

Na Bo Ra and Poong Won Ho (20th Century Girl)

I know! :cry:

@LaLa I am still pretending that the May It Please the Court leads got married because they never denied their “engagement”. Hahaha!

I wished there was a happier ending for Don’t Forget I Love You even though technically the main couple ended up together. 

Tagging some people to join us in wrapping up their 2022 drama watching:

@ktcjdrama @JenL @IpohBanana @40somethingahjumma @movingwheel @ssteph @Warm Paws @twink_twink_ @Maya @OsmanthusTea @Yana @im0202 @Mouse @Lynne @katakwasabi (I swear there will be a prompt for you to answer with SSR’s name, Kat. Haha!!) @Hyacinth0910 @N3buLa84



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