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Game: How Well Do You Know The Members of JangHaven?


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First and foremost, thank you @Jane and @mademoiselle who agreed to host this game and spent your times and efforts into putting together this event (which is already looking so exciting i just cant wait for it to start! Although i'm gonna try my best to spare myself from making a spreadsheet like @Chocolate LOL). 

Thank you to all the ppl who agreed to be the tributes (I have skimmed through the bios and promise will read them properly when i have the time). 


Everyone...please come and participate. Get excited :Party02:


Now....if i didnt know any better that the tributes are members and not staff....i would have guessed @Soju as Joker 1. :pandaheadstomp:


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Who is this Park Seo Jun fangirl that have not joined in me in his shrine thread?! Or have you and I just have no idea too? :pandascared: Or wait, is that the lie because if that your lie....:pandawhat::shocked2::pandarage2::pandasad:


Number 21, I know who it is just by clue no 2 alone. Haha! :heart:


Edit - I think I figured out all the members/jokers. I just need to figure out the lies. :pandascared:

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:pandahappy: Wow... what a nice guessing game! It looks easy but it isn't that easy after all. Lols. 


Thanks to all those who have arranged this beautiful ''knowing each other well' space in a form of a fun game for us all here. Yea.. let's be a better forum friends!:true: :fam: :1000: :valid:



P.S. where to submit the answers? Here or pm? @mademoiselle @Jane ? :heiboi:



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My guessing of the members based on the pictures provided :pandathink:



1. JeannieBean
2. Jane
3. ssteph
5. AwkwarDerp
6. -StrongTower-
7. liddi
8. im0202
9. oppasaranghaeyo
10. OsmanthusTea
11. TRaNz
12. TiNaDo
13. joccu_
14. mademoiselle
15. mirmz
16. Chocolate
17. Jesscisu
18. jeijei
19. Soju
20. Alice Wonderland
21. JenL
23. ktcjdrama
24. MayanEcho



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I don't know much about everyone so when guessing the lies, I decided to look at it as, "which two of these would I want to be true for the member?". :laugh: 



1. JeannieBean - No. 1 is the lie because I want you to have started earlier than 18 and also, Latin music is fun, and Lizzie McGuire is great. Haha!
2. Jane - No. 2 is the lie, it was what I guessed prior to you disclosing it because I know you are a HP fan and I figured you love earrings based off some of your Twitter posts. Haha!
3. ssteph - I want all of these to be true so no lies. Haha!!
4. ktcjdrama - I want all of these these to be true so no lies too. Haha!
5. AwkwarDerp - No. 3 is the lie because Sungha Jung is really talented and I would not be surprised if you started because of him and I remember reading something about you liking chocolate. Maybe you are taller than 4'8" because why not?
6. StrongTower - No. 1 is the lie because the other two just seems more feasible. Haha!
7. liddi - No. 3 is the lie because some adaptations are pretty decent?
8. im0202 - I want all of these to be true for you, so no lies again. :laugh:
9. Oppasarang-haeyo - No. 1 is the lie purely because the other two are much longer and more specific. 
10. Osmanthus Tea - No. 2 is the lie because Lee Min Ho is scary territory with all his diehard fans. :laugh:
11. TraNz - No. 2 is the lie because I want you to have lots of self-confidence and if you don't, we need to change that. :pandacool:
12. TiNaDo - No. 3 is the lie because I remember reading somewhere that you lived in different areas of Europe before, so maybe living in Moscow is less/more than 15 years? 
13. Joccu - Well, I know you like sports so I'm hoping no. 1 is true, I also remember you saying you prefer not to watch rom-coms, so no. 3 is the lie? You should've had the lie be, "I do not like F1". I would have been able to guess that correctly!
14. mademoiselle - No. 3 is the lie because I don't want the other two to be lies. Haha! 
15. mirmz - No. 1 is the lie because the third one seems a bit specific, knowing how to play the clarinet sounds like fun -- not everyone has to like spicy foods, right?
16. Chocolate - No. 1 is a lie. LOL!!
17. jesscisu - I want all of these to be true for you, so can I say that none of them are lies again? Haha! 
18. Jeijei - No. 1 is the lie because nothing wrong with looking younger and the third one just seems too specific, although I have no idea who they are. Also, I almost wanted to say everything is true because being an imposter sounds like fun too. Haha!
19. Soju - I'm a bit annoyed with these truths because I know they are at most 90% true, if not all true. I'm going to say that no. 3 is the lie because I think you've been to more countries. 
20. Alice Wonderland - No. 3 is the lie because noodles and spicy foods are good, and positivity is something everyone needs. 
21. JenL - No. 3 is the lie because I remember you telling me about the second one, I also want you to meet your favorite Asian drama start in real life, which makes the third one the lie.
22. LaLa - No. 1 is the lie because the second one is a skill I would envy, and the third one has to be true. One of my favorite F1 driver's number is 3 and my hope is that your connection to it is similar to mine. LOL!! :laugh:
23. 40somethingahjumma - No. 1 is the lie because I remember seeing you recommend some sci-fi shows. 
24. MayanEcho - No. 3 is the lie because I don't want people to ask you where you're from since I don't think that's pertinent information, having naturally curled eyelashes and being able to keep plants alive are things I envy in other people. 


By the way, Joker 1 is Soju and Joker 2 is 40somethingahjumma.


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i have to still think about the other joker.  i guessed the lies.




1.jenniebean  lie is 3

2. jane  lie is 2

3. ssteph  lie is 3

4. ktcjdrama lie is 1

5. awkwarderp  lie is 3

6. strongtower lie is 2

7. liddi lie is 2

8. im0202 lie is 1

9. oppasaranghaeyo lie is 1

10. osmanthustea lie is 2

11.tranZ  lie is 2

12. tinado lie is 3

13. joccu

14. mademoiselle lie is 2

15. mirmz   lie is 1

16. chocolate lie is 1

17.jessicisu lie is 2

18. jeijeilie lie is 1


20. alice wonderland lie is 3

21. jenL lie is 1

22. lala lie is 1

23. i think this is 40somethingajumma lie is 1

24. mayanecho  lie is 3


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