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RECRUITMENT: "How well do you know the members of JH" event


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The Event Organisers have appointed @Jane and @mademoiselle to hold an exciting upcoming event as part of JangHaven Baek Il's celebration (100th day of Jang Haven). 


Check this thread for further information from Saturday the 24th of October.

Please leave comments/posts after the initial post made by Jane and Mademoiselle to avoid confusion. 


Stay tuned! 




cc @stroppyse

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2 hours ago, Jane said:

Being a tribute is simple! We will be contacting you via PM later to share with us a bio and some interesting facts about yourself that will serve as clues for the rest of the forum to guess who you are.

Okay time to be mysterious and also feed people false information to confuse everyone

P.S. I’m not a fan of coffee and tea!

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Good morning!

Lovely to see more participants!


Tagging some regulars:

@abnoch @Ameera @Cambionn @cherrhys88 @gilaswan @JeannieBean @jeijei @Jesscisu @Tammy_fullofdrama @Teeners @TiNaDo @TRaNz @-StrongTower- @liddi @Thong Thin @Keyta @Lodestar @ssteph @oppasaranghaeyo


Hello all, wondering if you guys would be interested. We would love your enthusiam and also some evilness as Tributes. Hehehehe :GengarCool: Information of what's required of being a Tribute is up on this page - 2nd post.

@Nohamahmoud2002 Is that mean you are in as the Tribute? :smile:

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