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Pending an Official Broadcast Date




100 Reasons Not To Be King 不当皇帝的100个理由 >>> Info ll Thread

18 Again突然回到十八岁 >>> Info ll Thread




A Journey to Love 一念关山 >>> Thread

A Love Never Lost人生若如初见>>> Info ll Thread

Amidst a Snowstorm of Love 在暴雪时分 >>> Info ll Thread
Babel 通天塔 >>> Info ll Thread

As Beautiful As You 你如北京美丽 >>> Thread

Best Enemy 宿命之敌 >>> Info ll Thread
Billion Dollar Heir 亿万继承 >>> Info ll Thread

Blooming 师兄总是要开花 >>> Info ll Thread
Blossoms Shanghai 繁花 >>> Info ll Thread

Bright Eyes in the Dark 他从火光中走来 >>> Info ll Thread





Catch Up My Prince 公子不可逑 >>> Info ll Thread

Chase the Truth 黑白密码 >>> Thread

Chun Hua Lan Man Chen Xiao Zhu 春花烂漫陈小猪 >>> Info ll Thread

Dark Night and Dawn 暗夜与黎明 >>> Info ll Thread

Deep Lurk 迷局破之深潜   >>> Info ll Thread

Destiny of Love 错嫁世子妃 >>> Info ll Thread

Different Princess 花青歌 >>> Info ll Thread

Draw the Line 底线 >>> Info ll Thread




Echo of Her Voice / Meet Me in Your Sound / Our Land 幻乐森林 >>> Thread

Falling in Love 别对我动心 >>> Thread

Follow Your Heart  >>> Thread

Forensic JD 女法医JD >>>  Thread

Fox Spirit Matchmaker: Yue Hong 狐妖小红娘月红篇 >>>  Thread





Gifted Dreamer 天生梦想家>>> Info ll Thread
Go! Beach Volleyball Girls 燃!沙排少女>>> Info ll Thread

Her Fantastic Adventures 第二次初见 ll 午门囧事 >>> Info ll Thread

Hero Legends 英雄志 >>> Info ll Thread
Hun Yin de Liang Zhong Cai Xiang 婚姻的两种猜想>>> Info ll Thread





I May Love You 对你不止是喜欢 >>> Info ll Thread

Immortality 皓衣行>>> Info ll Thread

I’m Not An Agent 我不是特工 >>> Info ll Thread

Incomparable Beauty 无与伦比的美丽 >>> Info ll Thread

In Darkness 逆光者 >>> Info ll Thread

In Spite Of The Strong Wind 纵有疾风起 >>> Info ll Thread

Irreplaceable Love 初晨,是我故意忘记你>>> Weibo ll Thread






Lang Jun Bu Ru Yi 郎君不如意 >>>  Thread

Legend of Anle 安乐传 >>>  Thread

Lost You Forever 长相思 >>> Thread

Love is Panacea 爱情遇见达尔文 >>>  Thread

Love Is Written In The Stars 看见缘分的少女 >>>  Thread

Love Me & Convince Me 你这么爱我,我可要当真了 >>> Thread

Love Never Fail 落花时节又逢 >>>  Thread > Suspended (FL Tax Evasion)

Love Under the Floral Rai 半城花雨伴君离 >>> Thread

Love You Seven Times 七时吉祥 >>>  Thread

Men in Love 请和这样的我恋爱吧 >>> Thread

Ming Mei Shan Qu 明媒善娶 >>> Thread

My Favorite Special Girl 独一有二的她 >>> Thread

My Fireworks on Earth 我的人间烟火 >>>  Thread

My Journey to You 云之羽 >>>  Thread

My Sassy Wife 我家娘子不好惹 >>>  Thread
My Talent Neighbor 走起我的天才街坊>>>  Thread




Nameless Detective ll The Unknown Detective无名侦探 >>> Info ll Thread

Night Wanderer 夜旅人 >>> Info ll Thread > Suspended (ML Tax Evasion)

Ning An Ru Meng 宁安如梦 >>> Info ll Thread

Novoland: The Princess From Plateau 九州·朱颜记 >>> Info ll Thread





Please! 8 Hours 拜托了!8小时 >>> Info ll Thread

千秋令 Qian Qiu Ling >>> Info ll Thread




Reading Class 阅读课 >>> Info ll Thread

Retro Detective 复古神探 >>> Info ll Thread

Rising with the Wind 我要逆风去 >>> Thread

侦察英雄 Scout Hero >>> Info ll Thread

Silk Road Treasure 大昆仑之丝路宝藏 >>> Info ll Thread

South Wind Knows My Mood 南风知https://janghaven.com/topic/1184-sword-rose-利剑玫瑰-pending/我意 >>> Info ll Thread
Sword & Fairy 仙剑奇侠传六 >>> Info ll Thread

Sword Rose 利剑玫瑰 >>> Info ll Thread




The Delicious Food and Live 海棠花开炊烟起 >>>  Thread

The Demon Hunters Romance 无忧渡 >>>  Thread

The Emperor's Love 倾城亦清欢 >>> Thread > Suspended (FL Tax Evasion)

The Farthest Distance 最遥远的距离 >>> Thread

The Golden Hairpin 青簪行>>>  Thread > Suspended (ML Scandal)

The Great Pei 了不起的裴千户 >>>  Thread

The Inextricable Destiny 相思蛊里烬相思 >>>  Thread

The Legend of Shenli 与凤行 >>>  Thread

The Longest Promise / Yu Gu Yao 玉骨遥 >>>  Thread

The Lotus Casebook 吉祥纹莲花楼  >>> Thread
The Love of Hypnosis 南烟斋笔录>>> Thread

The Love You Give Me 你给我的喜欢 >>> Thread

The Prisoner of Beauty 折腰 >>> Thread

The Story of the Bat 夜燕白 >>>  Thread

The Tale of Rose 玫瑰故事  >>>  Thread
Three-Body 三体>>>  Thread

Thunder Chaser 雷霆令 >>>  Thread

Tiger Crane 虎鹤妖师录 >>> Thread

Twilight Heart 暮色心约  >>>  Thread




Warm & Sweet 温暖的,甜蜜的 >>> Info ll Thread

West Out of the Yu Men 西出玉门 >>> Thread
Winner is King 杀破狼>>> Info ll Thread

Wo Cai Bu Yao Dang Meng Zhu 我才不要当盟主 >>> Info ll Thread

Wonderland of Love 乐游原 >>> Thread

Wu Geng Ji 烈焰之武庚纪 >>> Thread

Yi Wu Zhi Cheng 亦舞之城  >>> Thread

Yong Ye Xing He 永夜星河 >>> Thread
You Are My Eternal Star 你是我的永恒星辰>>> Info ll Thread
Yue Li Qing Shan Dan Ru Hua 月里青山淡如画>>> Info ll Thread

Yue Zhao Ji 月昭记 >>> Info ll Thread

Zi Chuan 紫川 >>> Info ll Thread



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Broadcast in Year 2023




A League of Nobleman 张公案 >>> Thread

Back from the Brink 护心 >>> Info ll Thread




Choice Husband 择君记 >>> Thread

Chun Gui Meng Li Ren 春闺梦里人 >>> Info ll Thread

Destined / Chang Feng Du 长风渡 >>> Thread




Flight to You 向风而行 >>> Thread




Hello Beautiful Life 心想事成 >>> Thread

Here We Meet Again 三分野 >>> Thread

Hidden Love 偷偷藏不住 >>> Thread




Justice in the Dark / Mo Du 默读 >>> Thread








Meet Yourself 去有风的地方  >>> Thread

Nothing But You 爱情而已  >>> Thread




Prosecutor Elite 公诉精英 >>> Info ll Thread




Road Home 归路 >>> Info ll Thread

Royal Rumors 花琉璃轶闻 >>> Thread





The Forbidden Flower 夏花 >>> Thread

The Love You Give Me 你给我的喜欢 >>> Thread

The Journey of Chong Zi 重紫 >>> Thread

The Starry Love 星落凝成糖 >>> Thread

Till the End of the Moon 长月烬明 >>>  Thread

Unchained Love 浮图缘 >>> Thread




Warm on a Cold Night 霄寒夜暖 >>> Thread

Wu Lin Has Pride 武林有骄气 >>> Thread



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Broadcast in Year 2022




A Dream of Splendor / Meng Hua Lu 梦华录 >>> Info ll Thread > Broadcast: June 2nd

A Romance of the Little Forest 两个人的小森林 >>> Info ll Thread > Broadcast: Sept 15th

A Robot In The Orange Orchard 你好呀我的橘子恋人 >>> Info ll Thread > Broadcast: May/20

Accidentally Meow On You 一不小心喵上你 >>> Info ll Thread > Broadcast: Dec 20th

Because of Love 今生有你 >>> Info ll Thread > Broadcast: Jan/18

Be My Princess 影帝的公主 >>> Info ll Thread > Broadcast: Mar/16

Be Reborn 重生之门 >>> Thread > Broadcast: April 27th

Being a Hero 冰雨火 >>> Info ll Thread > Broadcast: Aug 11th

Believe in Love 花间新娘 >>> Info ll Thread > Broadcast: May 25th

Beloved Life 亲爱的生命 >>> Info ll Thread > Broadcast: Sept 7th




Cang Lan Jue  苍兰诀 >>> Info ll Thread > Broadcast: August 7th

Checkmate 民国大侦探 >>> Info ll Thread > Broadcast: August 10th

City of Streamer 流光之城 >>> Info ll Thread > Broadcast: Jan/20

Cupid's Kitchen 舌尖上的心跳 >>> Info ll Thread > Broadcast: Jan/13

Day Breaker 暗夜行者 >>> Info ll Thread > Broadcast: May 22nd

Dine with Love 陪你一起好好吃饭 >>> Info ll Thread Broadcast: Feb/14









Gentlemen Attention Please先生们请立正>>> Info ll Thread > Broadcast: Aug 31st

Glory of Special Forces 特战荣耀>>> Info ll Thread > Broadcast: Apr/05

Gold Panning 淘金 >>> Info ll Thread >Broadcast: Jan/18

Hello My Girl 侬好我的东北女友 >>> Info ll Thread > Broadcast: May 10th

Hello, My Shining Love 遇见璀璨的你>>> Info ll Thread > Broadcast: July 15th

Hello, The Sharpshooter 你好,神枪手 >>> Info ll Thread > Broadcast: Feb/02

Heroes 说英雄谁是英雄 >>> Info ll Thread > Broadcast: May 23rd

Hu Tong 胡同 >>> Info ll Thread > Broadcast: Sept 25th





I Don't Want To Be Brothers With You 我才不要和你做兄弟 >>> Info ll Thread > Broadcast: Jan/29

Immortal Samsara / Agarwood Like Crumbs / Chenxiang Ru Xie 沉香如屑 >>> Info ll Thread > Broadcast: July 20th




Let's Meet Now 见面吧就现在 >>> Info ll Thread > Broadcast: Sept 9th

Lighter and Princess 打火机与公主裙 >>> Thread > Broadcast: Nov 3rd

Lord Marriage, Please Stay 姻缘大人请留步 >>> Info ll Thread > Broadcast: Feb/28

Lost in the Kunlun Mountains 迷航昆仑墟 >>> Info ll Thread > Broadcast: July 27th

Lost Track of Times 覆流年 >>> Info ll Thread > Broadcast: Aug 31st

Love Like the Galaxy 星汉灿烂 >>> Thread > Broadcast: July 5th




Master of My Own 请叫我总监 >>> Info ll Thread Broadcast: April 26th

Maybe It’s Love 大约是爱 2>>> Info ll Thread Broadcast: Mar/06

Mirror: Twin Cities 镜双城 >>> Info ll Thread Broadcast: Jan/16

Mr. Bad 我的反派男友 >>> Thread Broadcast: Sept 30th

My Deepest Dream 乌云遇皎月 >>> Thread Broadcast: Oct 1st

My Girlfriend is an Alien 2 外星女生柴小七2 >>> Info ll Thread Broadcast: Sept 16th

My Love and the Stars 我的爱与星辰 >>>  Thread Broadcast: March 1st

My Sassy Princess / Zhu Qing Hao 祝卿好 >>> Info ll Thread Broadcast: April 16th

My Superhero 我的超级英雄 >>> Info ll Thread Broadcast: May 18th

New Life Begins 新川日常 >>> Thread Broadcast: Nov 10th




Ode to Joy 3 欢乐颂 3 >>> Info ll Thread Broadcast: Aug 11th

Oh My Lord 惹不起的千岁大人 >>> Info ll Thread Broadcast: Feb/14

Ordinary Greatness 警察荣誉 >>> Info ll Thread Broadcast: May 28th

Out With A Bang 你是年少的欢喜 >>> Info ll Thread Broadcast: July 21st




Reset 开端 >>> Info ll Thread Broadcast: Jan/11

Royal Fest 尚食 >>> Info ll Thread Broadcast: Feb/22

Sassy Beauty 潇洒佳人淡淡妆 >>> Info ll Thread Broadcast: Jan/14

See You Again 超时空罗曼史 >>> Info ll Thread Broadcast: Sept 5th

She & Her Prefect Husband爱的二八定律 >>> Info ll Thread Broadcast: Nov. 14th

Side Story of Fox Volant / Fei Hu Wai Zhuan 飞狐外传 >>> Info ll Thread Broadcast: Aug 31st

Simmer Down 好好说话 >>> Info ll Thread Broadcast: Apr/25

Song of the Moon 月歌行 >>> Info ll Thread Broadcast: Dec 15th




The Blue Flames / Lan Yan Tu Ji >>>  Thread Broadcast: April 16th

The Blue Whisper 驭鲛记 >>>  Thread Broadcast: Mar/17

The Crack of Dawn 江照黎明  >>>  Thread Broadcast: Jan/27

The Heart of Genius 天才基本法  >>> Thread Broadcast: July 22nd

The Oath of Love余生请多指教>>> Thread Broadcast: Mar/15

The Old Dreams 光阴里的故事 >>>  Thread Broadcast: Feb 20th

The Silence of the Monster 孤独的野兽>>>  Thread

The Story of Xing Fu 幸福到万家 >>>  Thread Broadcast: June 29th

The Wind Blows From Longxi 风起陇西 >>>  Thread Broadcast: Apr/27

The Youth of Blood 少年歌行 >>>  Thread

Thousand Years For You / Qing Jun >>>  Thread Broadcast: Sept/15

To Be A Brave One 致勇敢的你 >>>  Thread Broadcast: July 8th

Tu Hu Jia De Xiao Niang Zi 屠户家的小娘子 >>>  Thread Broadcast: Apr/01

Under the Skin 猎罪图鉴 >>>  Thread Broadcast: Mar/06

Unexpected Falling 不期而至 >>> Thread Broadcast: Nov 2nd





Why Women Love 不会恋爱的我们  >>>  Thread > Broadcast: Feb/08

Who Rules The World 且试天下 >>>  Thread > Broadcast: Apr/18

Xi You Liu Li Wa 昔有琉璃瓦 >>> Info ll Thread > Broadcast: Jan 26th

Yan Yu Fu 嫣语赋>>>  Thread > Broadcast: Feb/05



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Broadcast in Year 2021




A Female Student Arrives at the Imperial College 国子监来了个女弟子 >>> Info ll Thread Broadcast: Sept/22

A Land So Rich In Beauty 江山如此多娇 >>> Info ll Thread Broadcast: Jan/11

A Little Dilemma 小舍得 >>> Info ll Thread Broadcast: Apr/11

A Love Story: You Are the Greatest Happiness of My Life 若你安好便是晴天 >>> Info ll Thread Broadcast: Mar/17

Always Have, Always Will 原来时光都记得 >>> Info ll Thread Broadcast: Jan/21

Ancient Love Poetry 千古玦尘 >>> Info ll Thread Broadcast: Jun/18

Assassin in Red 刺杀小说家 (movie) >>> Info ll Thread Broadcast: Feb/12

Astringent Girl ll Brilliant Girls 涩女郎 >>> Info ll Thread Broadcast: Mar/01

Beauty From Heart 这个世界不看脸 >>> Info ll Thread Broadcast: Jan/11

Be Together 我和我们在一起 >>> Info ll Thread Broadcast: Jun/28

Be Yourself 机智的上半场 >>> Info ll Thread Broadcast: Aug/18

Breath of Destiny 一起深呼吸 >>> Info ll Thread Broadcast: Mar/23

Broker 掮客 ll 心跳源计划 >>> Info ll Thread Broadcast: Jul/22

By Stealth Like You 悄悄地喜欢你 >>> Info ll Thread Broadcast: Jan/30




Celestial Authority Academy 通天书院  >>> Info ll Thread Broadcast: Feb/25

Court Lady 大唐女儿行 >>> Info ll Thread Broadcast: Apr/15

Crime Crackdown 扫黑风暴 >>> Info ll Thread Broadcast: Aug/09

Crush 原来我很爱你 >>> Info ll Thread Broadcast: Aug/03

Cry Me a River of Stars / Sleeping in the Galaxy in Spring 春来枕星河 >>> Info ll Thread Broadcast: Aug/31

Cute Dimple in Love 恋恋小酒窝 >>> Info ll Thread Broadcast: Mar/22

Cute Programmer 程序员那么可爱 >>> Info ll Thread Broadcast: Sept/10

Dang Jia Zhu Fu 当家主母 >>> Info ll Thread Broadcast: Nov 8th

Dear Diary 我的巴比伦恋人 >>> Info ll Thread Broadcast: Sept 27th

Delicious Romance 爱很美味  >>> Info ll Thread Broadcast: Nov/26

Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils 天龙八部 >>> Info ll Thread Broadcast: Aug/14

Detective A and B 双面神探 >>> Info ll Thread Broadcast: Sep/07

Don't Think of Interrupting My Studies 别想打扰我学习 >>> Info ll Thread Broadcast: Mar/10

Douluo Continent 斗罗大陆 >>> Info ll Thread Broadcast: Feb/05

Dream Garden 沉睡花园 >>> Info ll Thread Broadcast: Dec/13

Dream of Chang'an 梦醒长安>>> Info ll Thread Broadcast: Aug/08

Dt. AppleDog's Time 亲爱的挚爱的 >>>Info lThread Broadcast: Feb/04




Fall in Love 一见倾心 >>> Info ll Thread Broadcast: Nov/09

Fall in Love with a Scientist 当爱情遇上科学家  >>> Thread Broadcast: Sept/25

Falling Into Your Smile 你微笑时很美 >>> Review ll Thread Broadcast: Jun/23

Fantasy Westward Journey 梦幻西游  >>> Info ll Thread Broadcast: Apr/22

Fengqi Luoyang 风起洛阳 >>> Info ll Thread Broadcast: Dec/01

First Love Again 循环初恋 




Game Changer 危机先生 >>> Info ll Thread Broadcast: Jan 16th

GO into Your Heart / Chess Love舍我其谁 >>> Info ll Thread Broadcast: Sept/08

Good Life 生活万岁>>> Info ll Thread Broadcast: Mar 3rd

Good and Evil / Bai Ling Tan 百灵潭 >>> Info ll Thread Broadcast: Aug/22

Heart of Loyalty 一片冰心在玉壶 >>> Info ll Thread Broadcast: Nov/29

Hello Mr. Gu 原来你是这样的顾先生 >>> Info ll Thread Broadcast: Mar/30

Hello Prosecutor 你好检察官 >>> Info ll Thread Broadcast: Sep/08

Humans /HUM∀NS 完美芯机人 / 你好安怡 >>> Info ll Thread Broadcast: Feb/19




I Am Just This Type of Girl 我就是这般女子 >>> Info ll Thread Broadcast: Jan/18

I Can't Afford A Maid 这丫环我是用不起了 >>> Info ll Thread Broadcast: May/26

If Voice Has Memory 如果声音有记忆 >>> Info ll Thread Broadcast: Dec/09

Jun Jiu Ling君九龄 >>> Info ll Thread Broadcast: Sept/07




Killer And Healer 恨君不似江楼月 >>> Info ll Thread Broadcast: 

Kuang Lie 狂猎 >>> Info ll Thread Broadcast: May 24th

Lie to Love 良言写意 >>> Info ll Thread Broadcast: Nov/30

Ling Long Lang Xin 玲珑狼心 >>> Info ll Thread Broadcast: Feb/15

Ling Long 玲珑 >>> Info ll Thread Broadcast: Jan/29

Love at Night 夜色暗涌时 >>> Info ll Thread Broadcast: Nov/09

Love Crossed 完美的他 >>> Info ll Thread Broadcast: May/11

Love Like White Jade 白玉思无瑕  >>> Info ll Thread Broadcast: Apr/11

Love Me Like A Child 我的邻居长不大 >>>  Thread Broadcast: July 21st

Love O'Clock >>> Info ll Thread Broadcast: Jun/20

Love Scenery 良辰美景好时光 >>> Info ll Thread Broadcast: Apr/08

Love Under the Full Moon 满月之下请相爱 >>> Info ll Thread Broadcast: Aug/26

Love Unexpected 不可思议的爱情 >>>Info ll Thread Broadcast: Jan/31

Lover Who is A Stranger 陌生的恋人 >>> Info ll Thread Broadcast: Jul/12

Lucky With You 三生有幸遇上你 >>> Info ll Thread Broadcast: Dec/23




Make A Wish 喵请许愿 >>> Info ll Thread Broadcast: Jul/08

Make My Heart Smile 扑通扑通喜欢你 >>> Info ll Thread Broadcast: Feb/06

Medical Examiner Dr. Qin: Silent Evidence 法医秦明之无声的证词  >>> Info ll Thread Broadcast: Jul/18

Meeting You Loving You 人海之中遇见你>>> Info ll Thread  Broadcast: Dec/08

Miss Crow with Mr Lizard 乌鸦小姐与蜥蜴先生 >>> Info ll Thread Broadcast: Apr/26

Miss the Dragon遇龙 >>> Info ll Thread Broadcast: May/10

Moonlight 月光变奏曲/初礼来了 >>> Info ll Thread Broadcast: May/20

Mysterious Love 他在逆光中告白 >>> Info ll Thread Broadcast: Apr/15

My Bargain Queen 我的砍价女王 >>> Info ll Thread Broadcast: Sept/03

My Dear Guardian 亲爱的戎装 >>>Info ll Thread Broadcast: Jun/01

My Heart 卿卿我心 >>> Info ll Thread Broadcast: Dec 9th

My Heroic Husband 赘婿 >>> Info ll Thread Broadcast: Feb/14

My Little Happiness 我的小确幸 >>> Info ll Thread Broadcast: Jan/13

My Treasure 生活家>>>  Thread Broadcast: May 13th

My Young Pet General 我的宠物少将军 >>> Info ll Thread Broadcast: Feb/08

Never Say Goodbye 不说再见 >>> Info ll Thread Broadcast: Jun/22

New Generation 我们的新时代 >>> Info ll Thread Broadcast: Jun/16
New Horizon 壮志高飞 >>> Info ll Thread  Broadcast: May/27

Ni Chang 小女霓裳 >>> Info ll Thread Broadcast: Apr/20

Novoland: Pearl Eclipse 九州·斛珠夫人 >>> Info ll Thread Broadcast: Nov/10




Octogenarians and the 90s 八零九零  >>> Info ll Thread Broadcast: Apr/21

Once Given Never Forgotten 你的名字我的姓氏 >>> Info ll Thread Broadcast: Jul/26

Once We Get Married 只是结婚的关系 >>> Thread Broadcast: Oct/05

One Boat One World 海洋之城 >>> Info ll Thread  Broadcast: Mar/23

One and Only, Forever and Ever 一生一世美人骨 >>> Info ll Thread Broadcast: Aug/18

Our Times 启航当风起时 >>> Info ll Thread Broadcast: Sept/14

Out of the Dream 梦见狮子 >>> Thread Broadcast: Oct/28

Palace of Devotion ll Poetry of the Song Dynasty 大宋宫词 >>> Info ll Thread Broadcast: Mar/20

Ping Pong 荣耀乒乓 >>> Info ll Thread Broadcast: Mar/9

Please Class Mate 拜托了班长 >>> Info ll Thread Broadcast: Apr/23

Please Feel At Ease Mr. Ling 一不小心捡到爱 >>> Info ll Thread Broadcast: May/20

Princess Changge ll The Long Ballad长歌行 >>> Info ll Thread Broadcast: Mar/31

Qing Luo 清落 >>> Info ll Thread Broadcast: May/19




Rattan ll Si Teng 司藤 >>> Info ll Thread Broadcast: Mar/08

Really Meet Love That Day 当天真遇见爱情 >>> Info ll Thread Broadcast: Jan/18

Rebirth For You 慕南枝 >>> Info ll Thread Broadcast: Oct/18

Remember My Boy 我曾记得那男孩 >>> Info ll Thread Broadcast: Feb/22

Road to Rebirth ll Romance With the Star爱在星空下 >>> Info ll Thread Broadcast: Mar/17

Secrets in the Lattice 暗格里的秘密 >>> Info ll Thread Broadcast: Aug/10

She is the One 全世界都不如你 >>> Info ll Thread Broadcast: Apr/19

Shining Like You 而你刚好发光 >>> Info ll Thread Broadcast: Oct/11

Shuke and Peach Blossom 舒克与桃花 >>> Info ll Thread Broadcast: Jan/01

Sword Snow Stride 雪中悍刀行 >>> Info ll Thread Broadcast: Dec/15

Song of Youth 玉楼春 >>> Info ll Thread Broadcast: Jul/26

Spirit Realm 灵域 >>> Info ll Thread Broadcast: Jan 9th

Stop! Miss Hua 站住! 花小姐 >>> Info ll Thread Broadcast: Jul/28

Storm Eye 暴风眼 >>> Info ll Thread Broadcast: Feb/23

Summer Again 薄荷之夏 >>> Info ll Thread Broadcast: Jul/10

Sweet Sweet 住我对面的小哥哥 >>> Info ll Thread Broadcast: Sept/16

Sweet Teeth 世界微尘里 >>> Info ll Thread Broadcast: Aug/16




Tan Shen Me Lian Ai 谈什么恋爱啊 >>> Info ll Thread Broadcast: Dec/06

The Best of Times 最好的时代 >>>  Thread Broadcast: Nov 16th

The Bond 乔家的儿女 >>> Info ll Thread Broadcast: Aug/17

The Coolest World 最酷的世界 >>> Info ll Thread Broadcast: Aug/25

The Dance of the Storm 风暴舞 >>> Info ll Thread Broadcast: Apr/25

The Day of Becoming You 变成你的那一天 >>> Info ll Thread Broadcast: Jun/17

The Dreamlike Seal 如梦令 >>> Info ll Thread Broadcast: Feb/06

The Flaming Heart 你好火焰蓝 >>> Info ll Thread Broadcast: Jul/08

The Glory of Youth 号手就位 >>> Info ll Thread Broadcast: Apr/13

The Ideal City 理想之城 >>> Info ll Thread Broadcast: Aug/12

The Imperial Coroner 御赐小仵作 >>> Info ll Thread Broadcast: Apr/29

The Justice 光芒 >>> Info ll Thread Broadcast: Sept/08

The Master of Cheongsam  一剪芳华 >>>  Thread Broadcast: Aug 31st 

The Psychologist 女心理师  >>> Info ll Thread Broadcast: Nov/23

The Rebel 叛逆者 >>> Info ll Thread Broadcast: Jun/07

The Secret of Love ll The Secret of Not Falling in Love 不能恋爱的秘密 >>> Info ll Thread Broadcast: Jun/16

The Sword & Brocade 锦心似玉 >>> Info ll Thread Broadcast: Feb/26

The Trick of Life and Love 机智的恋爱生活 >>>  Thread Broadcast: May 26th

The Woman Who Cannot Fall In Love || The Rational Life 无法恋爱的理智派 >>> Info ll Thread Broadcast: Mar/31

Times Flies & You are Here 雁归西窗月 >>> Info ll Thread Broadcast: May/20

To Fly With You 陪你逐风飞翔 >>> Thread Broadcast: Nov/22

Truth 真相 >>> Info ll Thread Broadcast: Oct/14

Truth or Dare 花好月又圆 >>> Info ll Thread Broadcast: Jun/08

Twelve Legends 十二谭  >>> Info ll Thread Broadcast: Mar/27

Two Souls in One 罗密欧方程式  >>> Info ll Thread Broadcast: Mar/19

Unforgettable Love 贺先生的恋恋不忘 >>> Info ll Thread Broadcast: Jul/10

Unrequited Love 暗恋橘生淮南 >>> Info ll Thread Broadcast: Jan/20

Unusual Idol Love 新人类男友会漏电 >>> Info ll Thread Broadcast: Mar/27

Use For My Talent 我亲爱的小洁癖 >>> Info ll Thread Broadcast: May/9

Vacation of Love 假日暖洋洋 >>> Info ll Thread Broadcast: Jan/25

Voice of Love 声恋时代 >>> Info ll Thread Broadcast: Apr/09




Who Is The Murderer 谁是凶手  >>> Info ll Thread Broadcast: Dec/05

Win the Future 输赢 >>> Info ll Thread Broadcast: Dec/21

Wonderful Fate 奇妙的命运呀 >>> Info ll Thread Broadcast: Apr/30

Word of Honor ll A Tale of the Wanderers 天涯客 ll 山河令 >>> Info ll Thread Broadcast: Feb/22

Xiao Zhu Bie Nao 小主别闹 >>> Info ll Thread Broadcast: Aug/29

You Are My Glory 你是我的光耀 >>> Info ll Thread Broadcast: Jul/26

You're My Hero ll You're My City & Fortress 你是我的城池营垒 >>> Info ll Thread Broadcast: Mar/11

Your Sensibility My Destiny 公子倾城 >>> Weibo ll Thread Broadcast: Sept/16

Young and Beautiful 我的漂亮朋友 >>> Info ll Thread Broadcast: May/14

Yu Zhao Ling S1 & S2 玉昭令 >>> Info ll Thread Broadcast: Mar/30


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Broadcast in Year 2020




A Love So Romantic 少爷与我的罗曼史 >>> Info ll Thread Broadcast: Dec/24

A Murderous Affair in Horizon Tower摩天大楼 >>> Info ll Thread Broadcast: Aug/19

Airbenders 乘风少年 >>> Info ll Thread Broadcast: Sept/22

And the Winner is Love月上重火 >>> Info ll Thread Broadcast: May/28
As Long As You Love Me 爱情的开关 >>> Info ll Thread Broadcast: Mar/30
Autumn Cicada 秋蝉 >>> Info ll Thread Broadcast: May/04

Be With You 好想和你在一起 >>> Info ll Thread Broadcast: Nov/19

Beautiful Reborn Flower 彼岸花 >>> Info ll Thread Broadcast: May/01
Beautiful time with you 时光与你都很甜 >>> Info ll Thread Broadcast: Feb/14

Begin Again 从结婚开始恋爱 >>> Info ll Thread Broadcast: Oct/30

Black Lighthouse 黑色灯塔 >>> Info ll Thread Broadcast: Oct/21

Brave to Love 爱我就别想太多 >>> Info ll Thread Broadcast: Jun/25
Burning 燃烧 >>> Info ll Thread Broadcast: May/28




Catman ll Falling In Love With Cats 我爱喵星人 >>> Info ll Thread Broadcast: Dec/20

Chef Hua 人间烟火花小厨 >>> Info ll Thread Broadcast: Jan/26
Closer to You 我的刺猬女孩 >>> Info ll Thread Broadcast: Apr/22
Count Your Lucky Stars 交换吧运气 >>> Info ll Thread Broadcast: Aug/03

Cracking Case 拆案 >>> Info ll Thread Broadcast: Dec/21

Cross Fire 穿越火线 >>> Info ll Thread Broadcast: Jul/20

Dance of the Phoenix 且听凤鸣 >>> Info ll Thread Broadcast: Aug/10
Dance of the Sky Empire 天舞纪 ll 天舞紀 >>> Info ll Thread Broadcast: Jul/08

Dating In The Kitchen 我喜欢你>>> Review ll Thread Broadcast: Sept/15

Dear Herbal Lord 亲爱的药王大人 >>> Info ll Thread Broadcast: Aug/10

Dear Mayang Street 亲爱的麻洋街 >>> Info ll Thread Broadcast: Oct/22

Dear Missy 了不起的女孩 >>> Info ll Thread Broadcast: Dec/21

Dearest, Where Are You 亲爱的,你在哪里 >>> Info ll Thread Broadcast: Sept/15

Detective 侦探语录 >>> Info ll Thread Broadcast: Oct/25

Detective Jian BuZhi Ancient Detectives侠探简不知 >>> Info ll Thread Broadcast: Apr/08

Drawing Sword 3  雷霆战将 >>> Info ll Thread Broadcast: Nov/03




Everyone Wants to Meet You 谁都渴望遇见你 >>> Info ll Thread Broadcast: Feb/16
Fairyland Lovers 蓬莱间 >>> Info ll Thread Broadcast: Jan/06
Fake Princess 冒牌太子妃 >>> Info ll Thread Broadcast: May/17

First Romance 初恋了那么多年>>> Info ll Thread Broadcast: 

Forget You Remember Love 忘记你记得爱情 >>> Info ll Thread Broadcast: Mar/23
Forward Forever 艳势番之新青年 ll 热血同行 >>> Info ll Thread Broadcast: Jan/20




General's Lady 将军家的小娘子 >>> Info ll Thread Broadcast: Oct/09

Get Married or Not 谁说我结不了婚 >>> Info ll Thread Broadcast: May/26
Go Ahead 以家人之名 >>> Review ll Thread Broadcast: Aug/10

Goodbye, My Love 白色月光>>> Info ll Thread Broadcast: Aug/19

God of Lost Fantasy 太古神王>>> Info ll Thread Broadcast: Aug/27
Handsome Siblings 绝代双骄 2020 >>> Info ll Thread Broadcast: Jan/16
Happiness Will Knock At Your Door Again 幸福还会来敲门>>> Info ll Thread Broadcast: Aug/12

Healer of Children了不起的儿科医生>>> Info ll Thread Broadcast: Nov/30

Heroes In Harm's Way 最美逆行者 >>> Info ll Thread Broadcast: Sept/17
Hi, Shicha Hai 什刹海 >>> Info ll Thread Broadcast: Jul/10

Hikaru No Go 棋魂 >>> Info ll Thread Broadcast: 

Hotel Trainees 酒店实习生 >>> Info ll Thread Broadcast: Sept/30

Hunting 猎狐 >>> Info ll Thread Broadcast: Apr/14




I Don’t Want To Be Friends With You 我才不要和你做朋友呢 >>> Info ll Thread Broadcast: May/19
If Time Flows Back 如果岁月可回头 >>> Info ll Thread Broadcast: Mar/20
In A Class Of Her Own 云上学堂 ll 漂亮書生 >>> Info ll Thread Broadcast: Jul/23
In New York ll Wait in Beijing 在纽约 >>> Info ll Thread Broadcast: Feb/23

Insect Detective 破茧 >>> Info ll Thread Broadcast: Nov/03

Inside Man 局中人 >>> Info ll Thread Broadcast: Jun/23
Intense Love 韫色过浓 >>> Info ll Thread Broadcast: May/2

Invisible 这就是生活>>> Info ll Thread Broadcast: Dec/09

I've Fallen for You 少主且慢行 >>> Info ll Thread Broadcast: Feb/14

Jiu Liu Overlord 九流霸主>>> Info ll Thread Broadcast: Oct/23




Lascivious Lady 2 绝世千金 2>>> Info ll Thread Broadcast: Dec/24

Legend of Awakening 天醒之路 >>> Info ll Thread Broadcast: Apr/23

Legend of Fei 有翡 >>> Info ll Thread Broadcast: Dec/16

Legend of Two Sisters In the Chaos 浮世双娇传  >>> Info ll Thread Broadcast: Sept/28

Light on Series: Crimson River非常目击>>> Info ll Thread Broadcast: Aug/18

Like A Flowing River 2 大江大河2>>> Info ll Thread Broadcast: 

Little Doctor 小大夫 >>> Info ll Thread Broadcast: Oct/01

Living Toward the Sun 向阳而生>>> Info ll Thread Broadcast: Oct/12

Love & Redemption 琉璃美人煞 >>> Info ll Thread Broadcast: Aug/06
Love a Lifetime 美人暮白首 >>> Info 1 & 2 ll Thread Broadcast: Jun/18
Love Designer爱情高级定制 ll 幸福触手可及 >>> Info ll Thread Broadcast: May/19
Love in Between 少年游之一寸相思 >>> Info ll Thread Broadcast: Jun/08

Love in Time 约定期间爱上你 >>>  Thread Broadcast: Sept 24th
Love Is All 师爷请自重 >>> Info ll Thread Broadcast: Apr/25

Love Is Sweet 半是蜜糖半是伤>>> Info ll Thread Broadcast: Sept/27

Love of Summer Night 夏夜知君暖 >>> Info ll Thread Broadcast: Jun/12
Love Story of Court Enemies 那江烟花那江雨 >>> Info ll Thread Broadcast: Jul/08

Lovely Us 如此可愛的我們 >>> Info ll Thread Broadcast: Jul/31

Love Yourself 他其实没有那么爱你 >>> Info ll Thread Broadcast: Aug/18




Maiden Holmes 少女大人 >>> Review ll Thread Broadcast: Aug/27

Marry Me 三嫁惹君心 >>> Info ll Thread Broadcast:

Meeting You 谢谢让我遇见你 >>> Info ll Thread Broadcast: Oct/13

Midsummer is Full of Hearts 仲夏满天心 >>> Info ll Thread Broadcast: Aug/28

Miss Gu Who is Silent 沉默不语的顾小姐 >>> Info ll Thread Broadcast: Sept/23

Miss S 爱思小姐探案集>>> Info ll Thread >>> Info ll Thread Broadcast: Aug/28

Miss Truth 大唐女法医 >>> Info ll Thread Broadcast: Feb/14
Missing Persons 失踪人口 >>> Info ll Thread Broadcast: Jun/03
Mr Honesty 不说谎恋人 >>> Info ll Thread Broadcast: 
Mr. Fox and Miss Rose 酋长的男人 >>> Info ll Thread Broadcast:

My Best Friend’s Story 流金岁月 >>> Info ll Thread Broadcast: Dec/28

My Dear Destiny 亲爱的义祁君 >>> Info ll Thread Broadcast:
My Dear Lady 你成功引起我的注意了 >>> Info ll Thread Broadcast:
My Girl 99分女朋友 >>> Info ll Thread Broadcast:
My Lonely Planet 地球脸红了 >>> Info ll Thread Broadcast:
My Love, Enlighten Me 暖暖请多指教 >>> Info ll Thread Broadcast:
My Roommate is a Detective 民国奇探 >>> Info ll Thread Broadcast:

My Unicorn Girl 穿盔甲的少女>>> Info ll Thread Broadcast: Aug/23
Nothing But Thirty 三十而已 >>> Info ll Thread Broadcast:



Oh! My Sweet Liar! 偷心画师>>> Info ll Thread Broadcast: Sept/16

Oops! The King is in Love 愿我如星君如月 >>> Info ll Thread Broadcast: Jun/15

Ordinary Glory 平凡的荣耀 >>> Info ll Thread Broadcast: Sept/04

Parallel Lost 平行迷途 >>> Info ll Thread Broadcast: Oct/13

Parallel Love 时间倒数遇见你 >>> Info ll Thread Broadcast: Jun/18
Past Life & Life 两世欢 >>> Info ll Thread Broadcast: Feb/21

Perfect and Casual 完美先生和差不多小姐 >>> Review ll Thread Broadcast: Sept/28

Perfect Partner 完美关系 >>> Info ll Thread Broadcast: Feb/18

Poisoned Love 恋爱吧,食梦君!>>> Review ll Thread Broadcast: Sept/24

Professional Single 我凭本事单身>>> Review ll Thread Broadcast: Oct/17

Qing Shi Jin Lin Gu Yu Lai 倾世锦鳞谷雨来 >>> Info ll Thread Broadcast Nov/20

Qing Qing Zi Jin 青青子衿 >>> Info ll Thread Broadcast: Aug/17





Reborn 重生 >>> Info ll Thread Broadcast:

Renascence 凤唳九天 >>> Info ll Thread Broadcast: Sept/22

Royal Nirvana 鹤唳华亭 >>> Info ll Thread Broadcast: Sept/22

Serenade of Peaceful Joy 清平乐 >>> Info ll Thread Broadcast: Apr/7

Sisyphus 在劫难逃>>> Info ll Thread Broadcast: 

Skate into Love 冰糖炖雪梨 >>> Info ll Thread Broadcast:

Sniper 瞄准 >>> Info ll Thread Broadcast: Oct/09

So What If You’re My Boss? 奈何boss又如何 >>> Info ll Thread Broadcast:

Something Just Like This 青春创世纪>>> Info ll Thread Broadcast: Nov/08

Sparkle Love 心动的瞬间 >>> Info ll Thread Broadcast: Sept/16

Super Talent 超凡天赋 ll 我的奇怪朋友 >>> Info ll Thread Broadcast: Aug/19
Su Yu 萦萦夙语亦难求 >>> Info ll Thread Broadcast:

Sweet First Love 甜了青梅配竹马 >>> Info ll Thread Broadcast: Oct/08

Swin To Sky 腾空之约 >>> Info ll Thread Broadcast:

Still Not Enough 还没爱够 / 爱我你敢吗 >>> Info ll Thread Broadcast:

Symphony's Romance 蜗牛与黄鹂鸟 >>> Info ll Thread Broadcast:





The Bad Kids 隐秘的角落 >>> Info ll Thread Broadcast:

The Best of You in My Mind 全世界最好的你 >>> Review ll Thread Broadcast: Apr/10

The Bloom of Ruyi Pavilion 如意芳霏 >>> Info ll Thread Broadcast: Oct/21

The Chang'an Youth 长安少年行 >>> Info ll Thread Broadcast:
The Eight 外八行 ll 民初奇人传 >>> Info ll Thread Broadcast:

The Heiress 女世子 >>> Info ll Thread Broadcast: Aug/13

The Journey Across The Night 我在香港遇见他>>> Info ll Thread

The Killing of Three Thousands Crows 三千鸦杀 >>> Info ll Thread Broadcast:
The Legend of Jin Yan 凤归四时歌 >>> Info ll Thread Broadcast:

The Legend of Xiao Chuo 燕云台>>> Info ll Thread Broadcast: Nov/03

The Little Nyonya 小娘惹 >>> Info ll Thread Broadcast:

The Long Night 沉默的真相>>> Info ll Thread Broadcast: Sept/16

The Love Equations致我们甜甜的小美满 >>> Info ll Thread Broadcast:

The Moon Brighten For You 明月曾照江东寒>>>  Thread Broadcast: Oct 6th
The Name of the Game is a Kidnapping 十日游戏 >>> Info ll Thread Broadcast:
The Night of the Comet 2 彗星来的那一夜: 蓝洞之恋 >>> Info ll Thread Broadcast:
The Princess is A Cat 报告王爷王妃是只猫 >>> Info ll Thread Broadcast:

The Promise of Chang An 长安诺>>> Thread Broadcast: Sept 10th
The Promise keepers/ Chinese bestiary 山海经之上古密约 >>> Info ll Thread Broadcast:
The romance of tiger and rose 传闻中的陈芊芊 >>> Info ll Thread Broadcast:
The Sleepless Princess 离人心上 >>> Info ll Thread Broadcast:
The Sleuth of Ming Dynasty 成化十四年 >>> Info ll Thread Broadcast:
The Song of Glory 锦绣长歌 ll 錦繡南歌 >>> Info ll Thread Broadcast:
The Truth 凶案现场 >>> Info ll Thread Broadcast:

The Wolf 狼殿下 >>> Info ll Thread Broadcast: Nov/19

Thorn 刺 >>> Info ll Thread Broadcast:
Three Lives Three Worlds The Pillow Book 三生三世枕上书 >>> Info ll Thread Broadcast:
Tientsin Mystic 2 河神2 >>> Info ll Thread Broadcast:

To Dear Myself 亲爱的自己>>>  Thread Broadcast:

To Love 最初的相遇, 最后的别离>>> Info ll Thread Broadcast:
Tomb Notes Restart 盗墓笔记重启 ll 重啟之極海聽雷 >>> Info ll Thread Broadcast:
Trace 痕迹 >>> Info ll Thread Broadcast:Jun/15
Trident 三叉戟 >>> Info ll Thread Broadcast:
True Colours 嘉人本色 >>> Info ll Thread Broadcast:
Twenty Your Life On 二十不惑 >>> Info ll Thread Broadcast:
Twin Flower Legend长相守 >>> Info ll Thread Broadcast:

Twisted Fate of Love 今夕何夕 >>> Info ll Thread Broadcast:




Way Back Into Love 拾光里的我们>>> Review ll Thread Broadcast: Sept/04

We Are All Alone 怪你过分美丽 >>> Info ll Thread Broadcast: Jun/08
Well Intended Love 2奈何BOSS要娶我2 >>> Info ll Thread Broadcast: Feb/13
Winter Begonia 鬓边不是海棠红 >>> Info ll Thread Broadcast: Mar/20

With You /Together 在一起 >>> Info ll Thread Broadcast: Sept/29

Wuxin: The Monster Killer III 无心法师 III >>> Info ll Thread Broadcast: Mar/03
You Are My Destiny 你是我的命中注定 >>> Info ll Thread Broadcast: Jun/05

You Are so Sweet 你听起来很甜 >>> Info ll Thread Broadcast: Nov/05

You Complete Me 小风暴之时间的玫瑰 >>> Info ll Thread Broadcast: Dec/02

Your Home Is My Business 卖房子的人 >>> Info ll Thread Broadcast: Feb/21
Youth UnPrescribed 非处方青春 >>> Info ll Thread Broadcast: Jul/07


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Broadcast in Year 2019




A Journey to Meet Love一场遇见爱情的旅行
A Little Thing Called First Love初恋那件小事 > Review
All I Want for Love is You 满满喜欢你
All Is Well都挺好
Another Me 七月与安生
Arsenal Military Academy 烈火军校
Awakening of Insects 麻雀2之惊蛰
Behind the Scenes 幕后之王
Being Lonely in Love / The Moon Doesn’t Understand My Heart 山月不知心底事
Blowing In The Wind 强风吹拂
Breaking Dawn 晨阳
Bureau of Transformer 妖怪管理局 ll 动物管理局




Candle in the Tomb: The Wrath of Time 鬼吹灯之怒晴湘西
Cheat My Boss 马卡龙少女
Childhood Sweethearts Pianist 竹马钢琴师
Conspiracy of Love 谋爱上瘾
Crocodile and Plover Bird 鳄鱼与牙签鸟
Destiny's Love 爱上北斗星男友
Destiny's Love 爱上北斗星男友
Destiny's Love (Formerly: The Life Planner) 写命师
Detective Ke Chen 神探柯晨
Detective L 绅探
Dive 扑通扑通的青春
Dreaming Back to the Qing Dynasty 梦回大清




Emperors and Me 眾王駕到
Ever Night 2 将夜 2
Evil Nights 罪夜无间
Exclusive Memories 独家记忆
Fall In Love 当她恋爱时
Fighting Youth 青春斗
Fighting Youth / Prince of Tennis 奋斗吧少年/ 网球少年
Find Yourself 下一站是幸福
Finding Love on the Journey 场遇见爱情的旅行
Flavors it's Yours 看见味道的你 / 与其微醺何不醉
For the Holy Guiguzi 谋圣鬼谷子
From Survivor to Healer 爱上你治愈我




Gank Your Heart 陪你到世界之巅
Go Go Squid! 蜜汁炖鱿鱼
Goodbye My Princess东宫
Grand Theft in Tang 大唐魔盗团
Heavenly Sword Dragon Slaying Saber 倚天屠龙记
Hello My Opponent 你好对方辩友
Hey, Boyfriend Card 嘀!男友卡
Hi, I’m Saori 我的保姆手冊




I Hear You / The Most Beautiful Thing 最动听的事
I Will Never Let You Go / Legend of Huo Buo 小女花不弃
If Love Like This 如果可以这样爱
Investiture of the Gods 封神演义
Joy of Life 庆余年
Kiss Love and Taste 亲·爱的味道




L.O.R.D. Critical World 爵迹·临界天下
Lascivious Lady / Jue Shi Qian Jin绝世千金
Le Coup de Foundre 我只喜欢你
Legend of the Phoenix 凤弈
Let Me Understand Your Language 让我听懂你的语言
Listening Snow Tower 听雪楼: 血薇
Love and Destiny 三生三世宸汐缘
Love By Hypnotic 明月照我心
Love is Deep 浅情人不知
Love is Fate / Love Happening 我爱你,这是最好的安排
Love the Way You Are 身为一个胖子
Lucky's First Love (Formerly: The World Owes Me A First Love)世界欠我一个初恋
Ming Dynasty大明風華
Mountains and Oceans 你是我眼中的山川和海洋
Mr. Fighting 加油,你是最棒的
My Amazing Boyfriend 2: Unforgettable Impression 我的奇妙男友 II
My Beluga Boyfriend 我的白鲸男朋友
My Girlfriend 我不能恋爱的女朋友
My Girlfriend is an Alien 外星女生柴小七
My Mowgli Boy 我的莫格利男孩
My Poseidon我的波塞冬
My Robot Boyfriend 我的机器人男友
My True Friend 我的真朋友




Never Say Never 善始善终
Nice to Meet You 只为遇见你
Nine Kilometers of Love 九千米愛情
No Secrets 没有秘密的你
Nothing Gold Can Stay 如果岁月可回头
Novoland: Eagle Eye 九州缥缈录




Please Love Me 拜托拜托请你爱我
Princess Silver 白发王妃 ll 白髮 ll 白发
Prodigy Healer 青囊传
Pushing Hands 推手
Put Your Head on My Shoulder 致我们暖暖的小时光
Queen Dugu 独孤皇后
Royal Nirvana 鹤唳华亭




Second Time Is A Charm 第二次也很美
Somewhere Winter 大约在冬季
Spring Flower, Autumn Moon 天雷一部之春花秋月
Standing in The Times 不负时光
Ten Years Late 十年三月三十日
The Best Partner 精英律师
The Emergence of First Love 出线了初恋
The Files of Teenagers in the Concession 租界少年热血档案
The Golden Eyes 黃金瞳
The Gravity of A Rainbow 彩虹的重力
The Great Craftsman筑梦情缘
The Great Lord 大主宰
The King Of Land Battle 陆战之王
The King’s Avatar 全职高手
The Legend of Hao Lan 皓镧传
The Legend of White Snake 新白娘子传奇
The Legends 招摇
The Life of The White Fox 白狐的人生
The Listener 心靈法醫
The Locked Room 上锁的房间
The Longest Day in Chang’an 长安十二时辰
THE LOST TOMB 2 (2019)盗墓笔记2
The Mysterious World 天机十二宫
The Night of The Comet 彗星來的那一夜
The Romance of Hua Rong 夜新娘
The Rules of Love 人鱼恋爱法则
The Taste of Love 亲爱的味道
The Thunder 破冰行动
The Untamed [Adaptation of 魔道祖师]陈情令
These Brothers Have Some Problems 小哥哥怕是有毒吧
To Be With You 我要和你在一起
To Get Her 惹不起的殿下大人




Unbeatable You 逆流而上的你
Under the Power 锦衣之下 >>> Review Broadcast: Dec/28
Unknown Number 时空来电
Unrequited Love 暗恋·橘生淮南
Walk Into Your Memory走进你的记忆
Well Intended Love 奈何BOSS要娶我
When We Are Still Young ll In Youth趁我们还年轻
Who’s Not Rebellious Youth 谁的青春不叛逆
Wuxin: The Monster Killer II无心法师 II




Yanxi Palace Princess Adventures 金枝玉叶
You Are My Answer 你是我的答案
Young Blood 大宋少年志
Young Blood Agency 民國少年偵探社
Your Highness 2 拜见宫主大人2
Your Highness, The Class Monitor 班长殿下
Your Secret 他看见你的声音


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Broadcast in Year 2018




A Step Into The Past 寻秦记
About is Love大约是爱
Accidentally in Love惹上冷殿下
Age of Legend橙红年代
An Oriental Odyssey 盛唐幻夜
Beautiful Life / Wonderful Life美好生活
Best Arrangement 最好的安排
Beyond Light Years 初遇在光年之外
Bloody Romance 媚者无疆




Caught In The Heartbeat 青春警事
Chong Er’s Preach 重耳传
Chong Ming Wei 重明卫:大明机密
Cinderella’s Chef 萌妻食神
Cocoon Town Romance 茧镇奇缘
Cry Me A Sad River 悲伤逆流成河
Dagger Mastery 神风刀
Demon Catcher Zhong Kui 钟馗捉妖记
Dongshan Fine After Queen Consort the Snow 东山晴后雪
Dr. Qin Medical Examiner 2 法医秦明 2
Dragon Day, You're Dead 2 龙日一,你死定了第二季




Eagles and Youngster 天坑鹰猎
Entering A New Era 风再起时
Entrepreneurial Age 创业时代
Ever Night 将夜
Excellent Investor金牌投资人
Fantastic Girlfriend变身女友
Fight Break Spheres 斗破苍穹
Fighting for Love 单恋大作战
Flipped 喜欢你时风好甜
Flipped in My Youth 我的青春遇见你
Flowers Shall Send Us on Our Way  ll Memories of Love一路繁花相送
Forty Years We Walked 我们的四十年




Ghost Catcher Zhong Kiu 钟馗捉妖记
Gossip High 舌害
Graduation Season毕业季
Great Expectations 远大前程
Guardian 镇魂
Hai Tang's Rouge Shines Through in the Rain 海棠经雨胭脂透
Heavy Sweetness Ash-like Frost 香蜜沉沉烬如霜
Hello Dear Ancestors 亲爱的活祖宗
Here to Heart 温暖的弦
Hi, I'm Saori我的保姆手册
Hibiscus Flower 降龙之白露为霜




I’m A Pet at Dali Temple 我在大理寺当宠物
If Paris is Not Happy 如果巴黎不快乐
Imagine Me Without You假如没有遇见你
K9 Coming 警犬来啦




Lady Meng is Here / Meng Fei Come Across萌妃駕到
Legend of Fuyao 扶摇
Legend of the Ancient Sword 2 古剑奇谭二
Legend of Yun Xi 芸汐传
Let’s Shake It 2 : Trouble on Planet Duo 颤抖吧阿部之朵星风云
Letting You Float Like A Dream 许你浮生若梦
Liang Sheng, Must We Be Sorrowful 凉生,我们可不可以不忧伤
Like a Flowing River大江大河
Long for You II 我与你的光年距离Ⅱ
Long Time No See 好久不見
Lost In 1949 脱身
Love In Han Yuan 小楼又东风
Love Is In The Air 幸福 近在咫尺
Love’s Lies 真爱的谎言之破冰者
Martial Universe 武动乾坤
Meet In Youth Love In Foods 像我们一样年轻
Memories of Loves 一路繁花相送

Meng Fei Comes Across 萌妃駕到
Meteor Garden 流星花園 2018
Modern Matchmaker 大话红娘
Mr. Nanny 月嫂先生
Mr. Right 恋爱先生
Mr. Swimmer 游泳先生
My Bittersweet Taiwan台湾往事
My Classmate from Far, Far Away 同学两亿岁
My Demon Master 我的恶魔少爷
My Story For You 为了你,我愿意热爱整个世界
Mystery of Antiques 古董局中局




Never Gone: So You Are Still Here 原来你还在这里
Next Time, Together 下一站别离
Oh! My Emperor 哦!我的皇帝陛下
Old Boy老男孩
Only Side By Side With You 南方有乔木
Operation Moscow 莫斯科行动
Original Sin 原生之罪
Our Glamorous Time 你和我的倾城时光
Our Youth 我们的青春期




Please Give Me A Pair of Wings 请赐我一双翅膀
Pretty Man 国民老公
Return the World to You, Retourner Le Monde A Toi归还世界给你

Ruyi's Royal Love in the Palace 如懿传
S.C.I. (Special Crime Investigation) SCI谜案集
Sand Sea Sha Hai 沙海
Secret of The Three Kingdoms 三国机密三国机密之潜龙在渊
See You Again 時間都知道
Shall We Fall in Love 勇往直前恋上你
Siege in Fog 人生若如初相见
Smiling Proud Wanderer 笑傲江湖
Spy Hunter 天衣无缝
Star Light 那抹属于我的星光
Story of Yan Xi’s Palace 延禧攻略
Summer's Desire泡沫之夏
Sweet Combat 甜蜜暴击
Sweet Dreams 一千零一夜
Sword Dynasty 剑王朝




Tang Dynasty Tour唐砖
Taoism Grandmaster 玄门大师
The Big Bug继承者计划
The Brightest Star In The Sky夜空中最闪亮的星
The City of Chaos 悍城
The Dark Lord 夜天子
The Drug Hunter 猎毒人
The Eternal Love 2 双世宠妃2
The Evolution of Our Love 爱情进化论
The Faded Light Years 浪漫星星
The Flame’s Daughter 烈火如歌
The Legend of Jade Sword 莽荒纪
The Legend of Sumoer 大清江山之龙胆花
The Love Knot: His Excellency's First Love 结爱·千岁大人的初恋
The Negotiators 谈判官
The Perfect Wedding 风光大嫁
The Rise of Phoenixes 凰权·弈天下
The Snow Queen 雪女王
The Story of Ming Lan 知否?知否?应是绿肥红瘦/庶女明兰传
The Way We Were 归去来
The Years You Were Late 你迟到的许多年
Time Teaches Me to Love 时光教会我爱你
To Love, To Heal 我站在桥上看风景
Unexpected 来到你的世界
Unparalleled Happiness 欢乐无双
Untouchable Lovers 凤囚凰
Visible Lie 罪案心理小组X




When We Were Young人不彪悍枉少年
Women in Beijing 北京女子圖鑑
Wuda's Girls 武大的小姐姐們


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Broadcast in Year 2017




A Different Kind of Pretty Man 2不一样的美男子 2
A Lifetime of Love上古情歌
A Love So Beautiful致我们单纯的小美好
Above the Clouds云巅之上
Across the Ocean to See You漂洋过海来看你
Advance Bravery | Shi Bu Ke Dang |盛势 | 势不可挡
All about secrets (aka Secret Fruit)秘果
April Star 繁星四月
Art in Love那刻的怦然心動
As Flowers Fade and Fly Across the Sky 花谢花飞花满天
Attack it, Lightning! 进击吧,闪电
Be With You 不得不爱
Because of You 因为遇见你
Beloved Enemy决对争锋
Blind Date盲约
Burning Ice无证之罪




Cambrian Period 寒武纪
Chef Fang 花间提壶方大厨
Chinese Partner 中国式合伙人
Coffee Prince Lab 王子咖啡店
Dear Prince 亲爱的王子大人
Dear Them 亲爱的她们
Delicious Destiny 美味奇缘
Detective Dee 通天狄仁傑
Detective Samoyeds (Righteous Ardour of Chang'An)热血长安
Dream of the Red Chamber 小戏骨 - 红楼梦




Emergency Department Doctors 急诊科医生
Face Off 特化师
Fighter of the Destiny 择天记
Fighting Time 职场是个技术活
For My Love 我们的爱
Fox fall in love狐狸的夏天
Full House 浪漫满屋
Full Love 周末父母




Game of Hunting 猎场
General And I 孤芳不自赏
Gorgeous Workers华丽上班族
Growling Tiger, Roaring Dragon 军师联盟
Guardian of Beauty 守护丽人
Gui Zhong Mei Ren 柜中美人
Happiness of an Angel 天使的幸福
Head Above Water 守卫者浮出水面
Healing Master 复合大师
Heirs 继承人

Hidden World 将界2之烽火双城 >> Dramawiki ll MDL




I cannot Hug You / I can not embrace you无法拥抱的你
I Love My President Though He Is A Psycho 总裁在上我在下
Inference Notes 推理笔记
Jade 女管家
Just To See You 只为那一刻与你相见




Legend of Ace 极品家丁
Legend of heavenly tear Phoenix Warriors 美人謀:妖后無雙
Legend of the Condor Heroes 射雕英雄传
Legend of the Demon Cat 妖猫传
Let’s Shake It 颤抖吧!阿部
Little Valentine 小情人
Long For You 我与你的光年距离
Long-Distance Relationship 异地恋
Lost Love in Times 醉玲珑
Love & Life & Lie 遇見愛情的利先生
Love of Aurora 极光之恋
Love Won't Wait 如果愛
Love, Just Come 爱来的刚好
Magnificent Sword with Beauty 美人如玉剑如虹
Master Devil Do Not Kiss Me 惡魔少爺別吻我
Midnight Diner 深夜食堂
Mr. Express & Miss Concubine 快递先生与贵妃小姐
My Huckleberry Friends 你好,旧时光
My Love from the Ocean来自海洋的你
My Mr. Mermaid 浪花一朵朵
My Robot Boyfriend我的真芯男友
My Ruby My Blood 一粒红尘




Nirvana in Fire: The Wind Blows in Changlin 琅琊榜之凤起长林
Nothing Gold Can Stay 那年花开月正圆
Ode To Joy 2 欢乐颂 2
Oh My General 将军在上
Once Promised 上古情歌
Operation Love 求婚大作战
Our Home咱家
Our Time Will Come明月几时有
Painting Heart Expert (Formerly: The Heart Painter) 画心师
Pretty Li Hui Zhen 漂亮的李慧珍
Princess Agents 特工皇妃楚乔传
Proud of Love Season 2 别那么骄傲2




Rakshasa Street 镇魂街
Red Rose 红蔷薇
Royal Sister Returns 御姐归来
Rule the World 独步天下
Rush to the Dead Summer 夏至未至
Ruyi's Royal Love In The Palace 如懿传
Schoolyard Legend: Three Lives Three Worlds Peach Blossom Destiny学院传说之三生三世桃花缘
Seven of Me 七个我
Solaso Bistro问题餐厅
Song of Phoenix 思美人
Sonic Youth 極速青春
Special Duty Elite 特勤精英
Stairway to Stardom 逆袭之星途璀璨
Suddenly this Summer忽而今夏
Surgeons 外科风云




Tai Chi Master: The Door of Tai Chi 太极宗师之太极门
Ten Miles of Spring Wind Can't Compare to You 春风十里不如你
The Battle at the Dawn 黎明决战
The Big Boss 班长大人
The Butterfly Lovers 梁山伯与祝英台
The Destiny of White Snake 天乩之白蛇传说
The Endless Love 路从今夜白
The Eternal Love双世宠妃
The First Half of My Life 我的前半生
The Glory of Tang Dynasty 大唐荣耀
The Journey 寻找前世之旅
The King’s Woman 泰时丽人明月心
The Legend of Dragon Pearl 龙珠传奇
The Legend Of Dugu 独孤天下
The Legend of Zu 2 蜀山战纪2踏火行歌
The Legendary Tycoon 传奇大亨
The Starry Night The Starry Sea 那片星空,那片海
The Starry Night, The Starry Sea 2那片星空那片海第二季
The Times We Had 國民大生活
The Visioner 校花前传之很纯很暧昧
Three Lives Three Worlds Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms / Eternal Love三生三世,十里桃花
Till Death Tear Us Apart (Formerly Love is in a Blaze 1944)愉此一生
Tribes and Empires: Storm of Prophecy 九州·海上牧云记
Undercover 卧底归来




What a Wonderful Life 赛小花的远大前程
When We Were Young 青春最好时
Where the Lost Ones Go 可惜不是你
Where Winter Is Warm, Where Summer Is Cool何所冬暖与夏凉
White Deer Plain 白鹿原
Xuan-Yuan Sword Legend: The Clouds of Han 轩辕剑之汉之云
Your Highness 拜见宫主大人


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